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Tracking Data in a Group

Tracking Data in a Group

Today we will learn how to track data that’s associated with a group. Each fiscal quarter, there may be numerous inspections happening at a location. Let's learn how to obtain the most recent inspection score from a location.

Learning Concepts:
Managing smart objects
Editing smart object fields and forms
Updating data fields
Editing stream settings

Video Tutorial: 



Managing Smart Objects

Go to your Smart Objects Management area inside the platform. Find that by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. Select “Smart Objects.”


On the Smart Objects Tab, you’ll see a Smart Object called Groups. Click on that group to highlight and access it.

As you can see here in the Pulpstream engine ID, it’s a group of locations. You can change the title of a Group to make the name more meaningful for you. For now, we’ll leave that Group. Click on the edit button.


Editing Smart Object Fields and Forms

Under your Safety Contact Name fields, you’ll see the option to “Add another field.” Click on that text.  In the Title field, call it “Last Inspection Score.” This type of field will be a number. Choose that in the pull-down menu.

Save your changes.

Back on your Smart Objects Management dashboard, with the Smart Objects tab selected, we need to update the form that we use to manage this specific smart object. On the right side of the screen click on the gear icon. Select “Manage Form.”


In this basic Smart Group form that pops up, look at the available fields that are on the right side of the screen.  Find the “Last Inspection Score” we just created. Drag it onto the form page.


Make that field “Read Only” by altering that setting in the Field Attributes.

Save your changes.

Now that we have created a field in which we will keep scores, let's update the Calculate Score step in our work stream.

Updating Data Fields

Go to your Stream Definition canvas. Checkout your Stream. Add comments for the logs.  eg  “Editing Calculate Score Step to update score tracking.”


Double click on the “Calculate Score step” to edit it. Under the Percentage Score field, you’ll see the option to “Add another field.” Click on that.

In the pull-down menu, select “Inspection Location” from the list. When we did that, another pull-down menu appears. It is because Inspection Location is a Smart Object. Smart Objects make lists of fields that are stored in the object available. In that pull-down menu, choose “Last Inspection Score.” Make the Map Type be a field. In the Value/Expression field pull-down menu, select “Total Score.” It should look like this when you are done.


Save your changes. And save the process.  That’s it!  You’ve added logic that updates the last inspection score.

Editing Stream Settings

As you do more inspections, you may want to create reports with different data. Any stream can have multiple data components and hundreds of fields. Pulpstream allows you to configure which fields are available for reports. To do this, go to your Stream Definition Canvas. On the right side of the screen you will see a blue settings button. Click on that.


These are your Stream Settings. Click on the Reporting tab. On this tab, you select the fields that you want available in reports. They are organized by the type of information that is contained in a field.


In the Text Fields, choose “GPS Coordinates” from the pull-down menu. In the Number Fields, choose Preparedness Scores, PPE Scores, and Total Score. Scroll down to the Smart Objects to select the Inspection Location we made earlier to make it available in reports later.


Save these changes.

Keep in mind that whenever report fields are updated, old records will not be included unless you tell the Pulpstream engine that you want this to occur. From your Stream Definition canvas, click on the gear icon that’s on your canvas border. Choose “Mass Update Reporting Fields” in the pull-down menu.


Now that we are fully configured, let's restart one of our old records. Click on the Records tab. Find the last record you created. Click the gear icon that is under the word Actions. In the pull-down menu, select “Restart Process.”

Go to your Smart Objects by clicking that phrase in the main, purple navigation menu. Select the Group object.


Double click on the location you used in the record that we just restarted to open it.


Click on the “Details” tab.


Scroll down. Our Last Inspection Score is now available to us in this fresh new field.

 Note: That you can also see past inspections by clicking on the Inspections Tab.

Bada bing bada boom. That’s a Skill Station.  At the next Skill Station we will learn how to create subprocesses to update previously submitted inspections.