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What business transformation is made of.

As customer expectations for responsiveness, communication, and flexibility increase, it isn’t enough to keep doing the same thing. Pulpstream helps your business stay ahead of the curve by helping you build capabilities and processes that connect your business with your vision for excellent service.

Business Transformation with Pulpstream Pulpstream workflow example

Key Capabilities

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Put data in motion.

Whether you are converting paper forms, compiling electronic forms, or consolidating disparate data sources, Pulpstream turns this information into searchable, actionable data. Once data is in the system, it ensures the completion of the task using configurable rules, timers, tasks, and features that facilitate collaboration among participants.

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Tap into the power of portals.

Create digital user portals that facilitate communications, prioritize tasks, integrate enterprise systems, and track task milestones all in one place. With Pulpstream, your team can collapse multiple tools into one and dissolve barriers to productivity and collaboration.

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Empower and engage people.

Give your team the ability to easily approve, reject, or assign tasks and quickly view task status, details, and attachments so they can get more done. You can even tap into the power of automation to trigger actions based on a rule, context, or a custom decision matrix for dynamic workflows.

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Take the fast lane to digital transformation.

No matter the scale of your business, you need the ability to turn data and to-dos into outcomes that your customers expect. Use automation, triggers, and built-in actions and integrations to move forward faster.

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Use processes to illuminate impact.

Innovative businesses can no longer see their functions as a collection of processes, but instead as a means to deliver results for people. For example, instead of seeing human resources as a set of connected tasks and forms, having a documented process allows you to see the people that make up and are impacted by your work.

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Keep data reliable, secure, and accessible.

With Pulpstream, you can store data wherever you need to while also benefiting from our redundant storage infrastructure. Together, in the face of a business disruption, your team can be back up and running faster.

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Access content and tasks offline seamlessly.

When processes need participation from people, they may be in an office or in remote locations where there is no connectivity. Pulpstream allows process initiation as well as task completion in apps running in offline mode with automatic syncing as soon as connectivity is found.



Efficiently deliver digital solutions.

Digitize your current processes and help your team reach its true potential with custom workflows, triggers, and dynamic logic. Streamline any business process with Pulpstream and then access it on any device, anywhere—even offline.

Business Transformation with Pulpstream Pulpstream on mobile and desktop


Customize without code.

Tap into Pulpstream’s built-in component library and triggers to create unlimited workflows with our “pop-in” functionality. Create, add, edit, and deploy and get back to serving your customers and employees.

No Code Automation | Pulpstream Pulpstream software on mobile device


Drive white-glove service.

No matter your business, we are dedicated to empowering your team to realize the benefits of streamlining your operations. From consumer products manufacturers, foodservice distributors, casinos, research facilities, and government departments to organic farms, insurance, construction, and human resources companies, Pulpstream is flexible enough for them all.

Digital Transformation with Pulpstream Pulpstream workflow example

Utilize native and built-in integrations.

Pulpstream can easily fit into your existing systems to help your team dissolve data silos. Keep what works, retire legacy work-arounds, and adapt with emerging technologies.


Ceridian | Pulpstream Integrations

Ceridian Dayforce

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) | Pulpstream Integrations

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

Salesforce | Pulpstream Integrations


Adobe DocuSign | Pulpstream Integrations

DocuSign/Adobe Sign

ADP | Pulpstream Integrations


Pulpstream works seamlessly across your technology ecosystem.

No matter where your team works or which device it prefers, Pulpstream keeps your organization connected.

Desktops and Tablets

Visualize data, create workflows, and keep track of progress via our online digital portal.


All of Pulpstream’s innovative, intuitive, and powerful features are available for your Apple or Android device. Engage field employees—even in areas without Wi-Fi or cell service.

Captive resources

"Captive Resources enjoys dramatically streamlined business processes. Our consultants, our members, and our team members are able to participate in processes without losing a beat. The Pulpstream native application automatically pushes data from mobile devices to custom web dashboards, showcasing real-time information to stakeholders.”

Dave Netti, senior vice president of risk control, Captive Resources

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“$2B Consultancy Streamlines Process Management In Record Time”

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“Central Garden & Pet Company Unlocks Predictive Analytics”