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If you take a moment and step back to reflect on how your organization is delivering value for your customers, you’ll quickly notice all of the people, data sets, and systems that come together to create something truly unique to your business. 

Pulpstream is about making those processes, inputs, decisions, and data more efficient, visible, and accessible, no matter where and how your team gets work done.

Our no-code platform makes it easy to digitize all of the processes that make your organization run, helping to move operations forward, retire legacy systems, streamline workflows, and deliver for customers faster and cheaper.

What can Pulpstream do for your business? Read on to learn how we can help accelerate your business process digitization.

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Chapter 1

Experience Next-Level Business Agility

Gone are the days when teams had to spend countless hours redesigning and automating business processes only to have them become obsolete within months. 

Instead, let Pulpstream’s no-code platform empower your business process owners to make the adjustments, updates, and enhancements needed on their own, helping your organization keep pace with the speed of innovation.

Change How You Think About Process Digitization

If your first thought when you hear “business process digitization” includes visions of lines of custom code and months-long development schedules, let Pulpstream show you what the future of process modernization looks like.

Pulpstream’s platform is designed to help organizations of any size working in any industry to digitize, deploy, automate, and manage processes in a truly no-code environment, leaving control in the hands of the subject matter experts themselves. No need to rely on IT to get process changes implemented.

No matter how complex, critical, or comprehensive the process—from employee onboarding, incident management, and customer service to procurement and claims tracking and everything in between—Pulpstream is there to provide you and your executives with the visibility you need to build powerful momentum.

Now Captive Resources and the hundreds of independent consultants enjoy dramatically streamlined business processes. Surveys and risk assessments are completed on tablets. The Pulpstream platform automatically pushes data to mobile devices to help consultants manage their tasks. From contract management to expense reimbursement, customized dashboards guide consultants through the most efficient sequence of tasks on whatever device they prefer, they are even able to work offline.

Dave Netti, SVP of Risk Management, Captive Resources

Chapter 2

The Benefits of Business Process Modernization with Pulpstream

No matter the size of your business, processes are there keeping your team working together and your customers feeling valued, engaged, and heard. 

Unfortunately, just how efficient, collaborative, streamlined, and impactful those processes are can vary widely. This can be especially true for organizations relying on manual workarounds, multiple spreadsheets, email, text messaging, and piles of paper documents to keep things moving.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Many companies are realizing the positive impacts to their bottom line, customer experience, and overall operational efficiency that can come from choosing to digitize and automate their business processes.

Empower Your Business to Reach Its Full Potential

Here are just a few of the many benefits your organization can expect to experience when you choose to digitize and automate your processes:

  • Eliminate costly and unproductive processes: Not only is the process of managing multiple paper and electronic forms and legacy systems tedious and costly, but it is also prone to error. Keep everyone on track with easy access to their tasks.
  • Improve visibility and bust down data silos: Bringing all of the stakeholders, inputs, data, and systems together on one platform not only brings more visibility to your processes but also empowers your team to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Remove pain points and process friction: With manual processes, it is hard to truly know every input and output that goes into each step. With digitization, you can optimize each workflow and replace annoying hurdles with preconfigured triggers, decision points, notifications, and more.
  • Boost responsiveness and engagement: When your team is less focused on finding the right form or data point, they can spend more time with customers and engage with each other.
  • Accelerate innovation and growth: Tap into new and advanced features to take your business processes to the next level, including digital signatures, advanced analytics and reporting, and secure audit logs.

It keeps everyone organized and accountable because you can see who has done what. If someone has initiated a claim or put a policy in the system, instead of asking around the office, I can log in to Pulpstream and look at the record.

Sabrina Straley, VP of Risk Management, Risk Management Advisors

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Chapter 3

Jump-Start Your Process Modernization with Pulpstream

We know that you have enough on your plate. That’s why we made it easy to get started with business process automation with Pulpstream.

With our built-in component library, customizable alerts, intuitive web-based interface, easy-to-use integrations, and much more, your team just needs to focus on the core parts of your business processes that allow you to uniquely deliver for your customers and take advantage of the no-code platform to begin to optimize your workflows.

In other words, Pulpstream takes care of all of the aspects that used to take months of custom coding and development, require costly teams to design and test, and then take more weeks to integrate and launch. We allow your team to focus on what really matters most: adding value. 

Want to see how easy it is with Pulpstream?

Pulpstream Makes Process Digitization Easy

The great thing about Pulpstream is that our no-code platform has no limits when it comes to how many and what kinds of processes your organization wants to digitize. No matter how, when, and where your organization does business, Pulpstream is there to automate even the most complex of business processes.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Identify a business process or reason to automate, giving specific attention to those bogged down with hurdles or where additional visibility or consistency could streamline operations.
  • Document the current state of the process, including all of the systems, decision points, inputs, outputs, communications, and stakeholders.
  • Get familiar with Pulpstream’s built-in component library, native integrations, and advanced features, such as digital signatures, decision trees and triggers, and automated communications.
  • Create the ideal version of your process using Pulpstream’s no-code platform, keeping in mind the various ways users can interact with your process as either collaborators or customers.
  • Align roles and responsibilities to your new digitized process steps, leveraging notifications, alerts, and automated communications to keep tasks on schedule.
  • Integrate the new process into your enterprise technology with Pulpstream’s native integrations.
  • Implement the new process, communicate it to relevant stakeholders, and begin to see the fruits of all your team’s hard work.
  • Iterate and continuously refine your process directly, without costly downtime or time-consuming development.

But don’t stop there! 

With Pulpstream, you can use just one platform to digitize any process or workflow that drives your business forward. Pulpstream is ready to grow, evolve, and innovate alongside your organization for years to come.

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Chapter 4

What Sets Pulpstream Apart from the Rest

If given the option, who wouldn’t want a streamlined, agile, and cost-effective way to conduct business and serve their customers, all without having to manage lines of code?

With Pulpstream, that option is yours.

We give the reins of process modernization, design, and management to the business process owners that know it best, leaving the complicated coding and integrations behind.

But, as our many satisfied customers can attest to, there’s so much more to Pulpstrearm than that.

Why Pulpstream Is Your Path to the Competitive Edge

We know that there are other process modernization solutions out there, but we are also confident that once you see how flexible, intuitive, and powerful Pulpstream’s no-code platform is, you won’t look back.

So what sets Pulpstream apart?

  • In addition to digitizing your processes, Pulpstream secures your data and logs in a secure, SOC-compliant cloud environment, adding to your disaster recovery planning and enabling accessibility anywhere, anytime.
  • Pulpstream is designed to help organizations recreate any process from end to end. From a simple customer intake form to a complex, multi-channel inspection, our platform enables it all.
  • Our platform makes integration between processes and across systems as easy as adding an API snippet or input connection to your existing workflow. 
  • Pulpstream is made to grow with your organization. Your team can start your modernization journey with one process and then continue the initiative, integrate, and keep growing and refining your processes as your business evolves.
  • Every customer is backed by white-glove Pulpstream customer service and a wealth of customer resources, a knowledge library, and tutorials. In other words, our success is your success.

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Chapter 5

Let’s Get to Work

Ready to take advantage of our intuitive, no-code process digitization platform and unlock your organization’s full potential?

Our team would welcome the opportunity to provide you with your own personalized solution demo and then let you try Pulpstream for yourself for free for 30 days.

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