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Employee Counselling and Disciplinary Processes

As an employee relationship manager, you are responsible for ensuring that all employees receive fair and equal treatment, have access to the tools they need, and make positive contributions to the organization.

Encouraging employee engagement and retention is indirectly but inexplicably connected to a fair and transparent disciplinary process. A digitized, automated, and clear disciplinary process is critical to ensure that your organization is providing an equitable experience to each employee while features natively built in to Pulpstream keep the process on track and visible.

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Complaint and Investigation

Easily capture everything you need about every incident or complaint with Pulpstream, giving your team the data they need to make the decisions and actions necessary. With Pulpstream’s web and mobile applications, you can track key steps, simply retain all relevant data in one place, and transform how your organization handles these important complaint and investigation processes.

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Personal Improvement Planning

Documenting the needs and goals of your employees is one of the most complex and dynamic processes. However, underneath these important aspects are tasks, measures, and data that can be digitized to help ensure the right information is captured, reviewed, and processed at the right time.

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Unlock the Power of Automation in Your HR Processes. Free up your staff to focus on the things that really matter: your employees’ well-being.

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Improve productivity with streamlined processes and easy data sharing.

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Reduce manual work-arounds and paper-based document processing.

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Track key milestones, tasks, and actions to improve policy compliance.

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Increase collaboration across business units to produce better outcomes.

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Generate the reports that you need to make faster, more comprehensive decisions.

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Improve document retention and security with account management and cloud storage.

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See what our customers are saying about Pulpstream.

“The best part [of Pulpstream] is that we have a system where I can look at everything immediately.”

Anna Shakaryan
PHR, HR manager, WC/leave of absence administration at The Commerce Casino & Hotel

Pulpstream knows HR process digitization.

Automating your HR processes is not only the future of business—it is also a vital way that your organization can be there for your most important assets: your people.

Our no-code platform, which is packed with a component library, logic-driven taskings, reports, and notifications, and customizable dashboards, all paired with white-glove customer support, is ready to deliver.


Pulpstream can liberate HR administrators.

When a private company supporting more than 2,600 employees needed a comprehensive solution to manage human resources tasks, communications, and other personnel and compliance matters, it turned to Pulpstream. Once its processes were digitized and teams were able to use customizable dashboards, a no-code design, and a flexible platform that is accessible anywhere and anytime, it saved its staff at least 2-3 hours a day.

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