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Experience a fully integrated approach to absence management.

Without the proper handling, an employee's protected leave can turn into a management headache or, even worse, a non-compliance risk. Reduce this risk with a comprehensive, digital, and singular approach to absence management and accommodations.

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Help your employees when they need it most.

Every employee’s needs and situations are different. That’s why you need a platform that can deliver the flexibility and reliability that is inherent within Pulpstream. Generate forms to capture the information you need to be there for your employees, easily store key files and documents, and track the information you need to ensure your organization remains compliant.

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Works Across All Types of Leave

One Platform to track all

Track Federal and State Leaves

Track Intermittent Hours

Track Intermittent certifications

Track accommodations

Manage ADA Leaves

Create Consistency in implementation of LOA Policies

Fully managed compliance with FMLA and all State specific leaves

Track Attendance points and automatically detect repeating absence patterns

Rule-based validations of requests against projected balances

Save Manual Labor

Automate Generate of letters and attachments as per applicable laws

Save hours sending manual reminders, Let Pulpstream notify employees through SMS and Email based on rules

Automate Certificate Tracking

Automatically Send Certified Posts


Integrates seamlessly with your HRIS


Leave Of Absence Process Automation Liberate HR Administrators


Digital process automations save Human Resources staff 2-3 hours a day. Task reminders, mandatory communications, and return-to-work reminders are auto sent.


Whether it is mandatory or voluntary, when an employee takes a leave of absence, it starts a paperwork process for the Human Resources Department. Each part of the process has a deadline for employees and human resources staff. Tasks are created to comply with state and federal laws about job-protected leave categories. Letters about the type of leave must be sent within a certain timeframe. Employee profiles must be considered. Staff collaborate to address each case. Labor costs add up.


Commerce Casino employs more than 2,600 employees to create thrilling experiences for about 10,000 daily visitors. The privately-owned company is LA’s number one destination for games of skill. Employees are on the clock 24/7. Its Human Resources Department has been using Pulpstream to manage its workers’ compensation claims and inspections processes since 2017. In 2018, it added a Leave of Absence Process Management Solution to its digital infrastructure.

How Pulpstream Helps You Manage LOA

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks


Manage all aspects of an employee absence record in one place


Track information for accommodation requests


Automatically generate necessary documents


Manage all certificates, letters, and attachments


Customize your digital work streams


Automate your certificate reminders and escalations


Easily integrate with other applications — no IT required!