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Increase visibility, communication, and accountability from end to end.

Keep all stakeholders on the same page by automating communication across the entire return to work process—from the initial claim to the employee’s next day on the job.


Flexible, logic-driven, and automated workflows keep tasks on track.

Customize and automate workflows to accelerate RTW using a rules-driven platform that can pivot and adapt immediately to any change in decisions to keep things moving in the right direction. 


Experience native system integrations and advanced features.

Connect your disparate RTW process systems and the tools that facilitate it, including DocuSign, SMS, and email—all without having to write any code.


Simplified case management reduces costs and improves productivity.

Keep expenses in check by leveraging modern technology to streamline the entire case instead of handling tasks and documents by hand or outsourcing to expensive third parties.


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Process and Benefits

The power of Pulpstream Case Management

The power of Pulpstream Case Management

Reclaim time previously spent tracking down information with a strong case management platform that organizes documents, emails, notes, tasks, and other details in one place, accessible from any device.

Cut Down Operational Cost

Cut Down Operational Cost

Reduce total processing time by automatic generation of accommodation agreements and enabling digital signature through self service portals.

Comprehensive Communication with Employees

Comprehensive Communication with Employees

Accommodation of an employee may involve alternate duty or modified duty. Different duties may involve sharing of different pieces of information related to employee rights and responsibilities. Let Pulpstream workflows determine the content of communication, automatically package it and share it in a single PDF via email or text.

Reduce incidents with automated data-driven dashboards.

Reduce incidents with automated data-driven dashboards.

Receive data visualization reports so you can identify the root cause of injuries and prevent negative employee experiences and unnecessary employer costs. Get the insights you need without the heavy lifting of digging through data.

Keep all stakeholders involved and informed with customizable portals.

Keep all stakeholders involved and informed with customizable portals.

Empower employees, claims managers, and insurance providers to access the information they need at their convenience via an intuitive self-service portal.

Integrate with Multiple Channels

Integrate with Multiple Channels

Communications with doctors regarding job restrictions may happen via fax or email. Integrate all the channels into Pulpstream to create one view of the claim.Outbound communication can happen via email or text message with the employee, all integrated using the power of Pulpstream

Currently outsourcing your return to work process

Currently outsourcing your return to work process? 

Outsourcing results in upward of $400 per claim cost, so you’re likely bleeding money where a process-driven platform with built-in rules and intelligent automatic routing can do the work instead. 



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Reduce your exposure to risk by removing all guesswork from the equation and using data to figure out the best way forward instead.