Reinvent your incident management process.

Throw away disconnected systems and leave paper-driven processes behind. Capture everything you need about every incident with Pulpstream and generate the data-driven insights and reports you need with the click of a button. With our web and mobile applications, you can change how work gets done and transform how your organization navigates environmental, health, or safety incident processes.

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Automate no matter where you are.

Build employee engagement and collaboration with web and mobile-enabled incident processes without sacrificing functionality. Easily create incident reports on a cell phone; work in offline environments; create and centrally store documents; and break through hurdles with visual dashboards, automated notifications, and rule-driven actions.

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Gather, capture, and store with an all-in-one solution.

Gather evidence from supervisors and employees, capture digital signatures, and create and store the legally binding documentation you need. You can even store photos, sketches, or videos of a scene; attach items and incident reports; and help organize all information in one place.

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Looking for a solution to streamline your Incident Management process? 

Read Our Guide: Streamlining Incident Management with Automation

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Use the power of Pulpstream’s no-code automation for streamlined incident management.

From the ability to create custom incident submission forms to automated notifications, task reminders, and document management, Pulpstream gives your organization the ability to manage everything related to an incident in one secure solution.

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Gather and store reliable, secure, and accessible data no matter the incident type.

Responding to an incident claim in a timely and thorough manner is vital to protecting your business and your employees. No matter the type of incident, Pulpstream can make sure all of the information is gathered, investigations occur, and data is stored and reported correctly. 

Pulpstream can handle all types of incidents, including:

  • Injury to a team member
  • Injury to a temporary employee
  • Auto damage
  • Third-party damage
  • General liability

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Automate and digitally track your incident management.

Using a built-in component library, logic-based triggers, no-code automation, and easy enterprise integrations, Pulpstream makes it easy to create and manage the key phases of the incident lifecycle in a timely fashion. These include custom forms, tasks, reports, and data fields that can help:

  • Gather employee statements, photos, and diagrams.
  • Capture witness statements.
  • Gather and store supporting documentation, such as surveillance videos and annotated photos.
  • Initiate tasks to conduct investigations and interviews.
  • Conduct comprehensive root cause analysis.
  • Monitor the entire process to ensure compliance, communication, and risk management.