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Leave Of Absence Process Automations Liberate HR Administrators

Results Summary

Digital process automations save Human Resources staff 2-3 hours a day. Task reminders, mandatory communications, and return-to-work reminders are auto sent.


The Situation

Whether it is mandatory or voluntary, when an employee takes a leave of absence, it starts a paperwork process for the Human Resources Department. Each part of the process has a deadline for employees and human resources staff. Tasks are created to comply with state and federal laws about job-protected leave categories. Letters about the type of leave must be sent within a certain timeframe. Employee profiles must be considered. Staff collaborate to address each case. Labor costs add up.

About Commerce Casino

Commerce Casino employs more than 2,600 employees to create thrilling experiences for about 10,000 daily visitors. The privately-owned company is LA’s number one destination for games of skill. Employees are on the clock 24/7. Its Human Resources Department has been using Pulpstream to manage its workers’ compensation claims and inspections processes since 2017. In 2018, it added a Leave of Absence Process Management Solution to its digital infrastructure.

About Pulpstream

Pulpstream helps enterprises digitize, deploy, and automate business processes. Its customizable solutions help business units collaborate more efficiently.


Before adding the Leave of Absence Process (LOA) Management Solution, Commerce Casino’s HR staff engaged in tediously manual tasks. This included sending email notifications, generating letters, and identifying how many LOA cases were assigned to each HR coordinator.


The Pulpstream LOA process management solution saves the team two to three hours per day with automations for all those tasks. Pulpstream reminds HR coordinators to complete tasks when things don’t happen. If an employee needs to submit a medical certificate, Pulpstream reminds them. If an employee doesn’t come back from a leave of absence, the system updates their profile, and the HR coordinator is notified that they need to follow up with the employee to see why.

“The best part is that we have a system where I can look at everything immediately,” said Anna Shakaryan, PHR, HR Manager, WC/Leave of Absence Administration at Commerce Casino.

Supervisors collaborate with managers and HR coordinators to guide the process to the desired outcome in less time. “We used to get a list of people who didn’t return from leave of absence that we had to divide, and that’s now organized for the case owner,” Shakaryan said. With Pulpstream, leaves of absence are processed efficiently and collaboration is a breeze. Having a platform to manage multiple business processes has dissolved data silos for Commerce Casino, ensuring that the company can make well-informed, staffing decisions.