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Is NOT Digitizing Your Processes Costing You Money?

It’s natural that the phrase, “digitizing your business processes” invokes mental images of lines and lines of code, teams of developers, input from IT, and potentially hours of workshops and training.

However, with no-code process digitization platforms, this old mindset no longer applies; industry-leading business process management tools now give process owners the ability to capture, refine, and evolve the workflows that define their operations and outputs on their own.

So what’s holding your organization back from taking the reins on your business processes and sitting in the digitization driver’s seat? 

Understand the costs of not digitizing your business processes.

While your organization may have some hesitations about implementing a change to parts of your operations, it’s important to remember that the longer you wait, the more your lack of process digitization could be impacting your bottom line. 

Limiting Your Operational Agility

No matter your industry or the size of your business, your customers—both external and internal—likely have high expectations for how their interactions with business processes should go. Making matters worse, these expectations for speed, quality, and personalization are constantly evolving.

By digitizing your business processes, you are doing more than just getting rid of inefficient processes; you are also giving your employees the ability to adapt, evolve, and refine how their work gets done too. And, with a no-code solution, you are putting that power in your business process owners’ hands, ultimately strengthening your brand’s reputation, demonstrating your responsiveness, and keeping your customers coming back for more.

Lost Employee Productivity

The more time your employees spend on handling, searching through, and managing a paper document workflow, updating multiple spreadsheets and reports, manually routing work, and dealing with system workarounds, the less time your team will have to work on more strategic tasks.

“The average cost of a single paper form to a business is $4.56. If your company relies on 20 employees to fill out one form every week for an entire year, that cost can escalate to more than $4,700.” - Survey by AIIM

By digitizing your processes and their related databases, integrations, and inputs and outputs, you are also giving your team the ability to access them anywhere, anytime, and on any platform, boosting productivity further. Industry-leading solutions also can leverage a public or private cloud, bolstering your organization’s resilience and helping with data availability.

Growing Maintenance Costs

As you probably are already painfully familiar, legacy software and infrastructure is often inefficient, hard to service and maintain, and often full of workarounds and customizations. All of these direct and indirect costs can slowly and consistently add up, affecting your profits.

However, by replacing your legacy systems with logic-driven, automated process digitization platforms, your organization will have the opportunity to get rid of duplicative systems, streamline your infrastructure costs, and lower your overall maintenance efforts.

In fact, according to one McKinsey report, by digitizing your information-intensive business processes, organizations can expect their related operational costs to be cut by up to 90 percent.

Inability to Collect Key Metrics

With paper-driven processes, email-based communications, and legacy systems, it can be hard to quantify just how well your operations are doing.  

Whether it’s tracking overall turnaround time, the number of claims processed, or issues remediated, having all of the key components of your work in one digitized platform gives your organization the ability to pull the key data you need to identify bottlenecks and identify improvements.

Over time, when investment decisions or changes need to be made, your team will also have the information they need to make the necessary data-driven decisions.

Get a new business process management mindset with Pulpstream.

Is your business ready to sharpen its competitive advantage, open new doors for growth and innovation, and streamline your operational costs? Making the move to process digitization is an obvious choice.

And, if you want to make the leap to digitization even easier to maintain and implement, then choosing an industry-leading, no-code platform such as Pulpstream should be your next step.

So whether your business is just starting out with business process digitization or if you are searching for that extra edge, the team at Pulpstream would love to get to know you.

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