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Where Can Your Business Benefit from Workflow Optimization?

From the time you reply to a customer email in the morning to the time you send out that final report to your executives in the evening, your day is defined by processes.

Processes tie you with your organization’s tools, teammates, customers, and systems, representing a pattern of often repeatable or predefined steps, decisions, and outputs. 

But what would happen if you could streamline those process steps, speed up the decisions and actions, and improve communication and collaboration to get results even faster? 

That is workflow optimization. That is Pulpstream.

What is workflow optimization?

Process optimization is when an organization works to identify inefficiencies, chokepoints, and delays in a business process; implements solutions or mitigations to those points; and documents those enhancements in a system or document to make it repeatable.

The task of process optimization often involves executive support but also relies on buy-in from the key business users and participants. The exercise also often involves a tool or system to aid in documenting the current and future state of process flows and enables the new process to be integrated into the organization’s day-to-day business.

A business process improvement solution such as Pulpstream delivers all of these features in a no-code environment, giving your team an interactive, intuitive, and powerful way to take control of your processes. Business process owners themselves can use easily configurable smart steps to create tasks, generate documents, and accelerate reporting, enabling those driven to streamline work the power to do it on their own.

What can workflow optimization do for my organization?

If you pause to look around your daily work, you likely see processes all around you. From completing and editing documents, collaborating on reports and presentations, and delivering reports and services for customers, workflows drive your business. Therefore, spending the time to understand and optimize your business processes using a digital transformation solution can lead to: 

  • Automation of key tasks, decisions, and actions to save time and resources

  • Improved visibility about process status, user roles, and task completion

  • Reduced risk from a consistent, logic-driven method to complete tasks, such as in the case of regulatory, HR, or compliance matters

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication across teams

  • Improved productivity, output, and impact for your stakeholders

What is an example of successful workflow optimization?

So what does workflow optimization look like in practice?

Take a captive insurance company that previously created and handled hundreds of insurance policies. For each policy, the insurance representative used to have to manage spreadsheets, documents, and emails, pass them back and forth to internal partners, and deliver and store each of them individually.

After implementing workflow optimization enabled by Pulpstream, the insurance company was able to digitize the documentation, generate tasks and notifications to owners, and track policies from end to end in the cloud and on a customizable dashboard. The result was a process that took half the time with increased transparency and accountability. 

Equally important, Pulpstream’s no-code business process management platform meant that changes to a process can be easily done when a policy, business requirement, or employee change called for it without expensive or complex development.

No-Code Digital Transformation

Take the next step.

When your day—and your business—is defined by processes, it can make a huge difference in your productivity and impact by optimizing your workflows. 

Pulpstream was built specifically to help organizations digitize, deploy, automate, and manage processes in a truly no-code environment, handing the reins to the users that own the work themselves. 

If you and your business want to learn more about how to bring workflow optimization to your organization and increase the collaboration and productivity of your staff, we welcome you to get your own free demo of Pulpstream.