The Future of Digital Safety Reports

Construction is already a dangerous job by nature, but failing to complete and incorporate the findings from safety reports only increases the danger, both physically for workers and financially for companies by increasing liability. Because of this, forward-thinking companies are digitizing their safety report processes. In doing so, they’re reducing the time it takes to file reports while increasing the utility of the reports.

For some companies, dealing with a workplace incident can be a HR department's worst nightmare, especially if the processes are not automated. With forms to fill out, constant follow ups, and other time-consuming, manual tasks, reporting an incident can be stressful from beginning to end. But, with a digitized report system, organizations can proactively minimize risks, and properly document incidents every step of the way. In a recent article on For Construction Pros, Romy Malviya discusses the future of digital inspection reports and how companies can improve employee retention by adopting an inspection reporting solution. 

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