Digitizing Incident Reports Promotes Productivity and Proactivity

For some companies, dealing with a workplace incident can be a HR department's worst nightmare, especially if the processes are not automated. With forms to fill out, constant follow ups, and other time-consuming, manual tasks, reporting an incident can be stressful from beginning to end. But, with a digitized report system, organizations can proactively minimize risks, and properly document incidents every step of the way. 

But, how can you take full advantage of the many benefits of a digitized incident report system? 

In a recent article on Staffing Stream, Romy Malviya uncovers the major advantages digitized incident reports can have over the clunky, old-style manual ones including: 

  • Convenient information capturing 
  • Compliant reports 
  • Faster analytics 
  • Fast resolution of issues 

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