Experience a fully integrated approach to absence management.

Without the proper handling, an employee's protected leave can turn into a management headache or, even worse, a non-compliance risk. Reduce this risk with a comprehensive, digital, and singular approach to absence management and accommodations.

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Help your employees when they need it most.

Every employee’s needs and situations are different. That’s why you need a platform that can deliver the flexibility and reliability that is inherent within Pulpstream. Generate forms to capture the information you need to be there for your employees, easily store key files and documents, and track the information you need to ensure your organization remains compliant.

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Better technology means better experiences for everyone

Use Pulpstream to streamline antiquated processes and digitize how your organization manages and delivers next-level employee absence management. Pulpstream takes the stress off of your administrators’ hands so they can focus more on what matters most: supporting your employees.

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Wondering if you should modernize your LOA process?
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Automate, Track & Support

No matter the size or scope of your business, Pulpstream’s no-code platform can help you smoothly and efficiently manage your leave of absence requests from end to end. With the ability to support an integrated SMS, a self-service web portal, and a call intake form, your staff can administer, track, and report on your cases all in one user-friendly solution.

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Automate and digitally track your leave management.

For your pregnancy, disability, serious health condition, dependent care, or other state and federally protected employee leave periods, your team can quickly review qualifying criteria and automatically send a complete docket of letters and attachments advising them of their rights. Once initiated, it’s easy to monitor all your leave cases—complete with all related data, notes, and tasks—all in one place.

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Take the stress out of balancing your Intermittent leave cases.

When an employee or one of their dependents has an approved need for intermittent leave, Pulpstream makes it easy to track all of the information your team needs to initiate and manage their certification. Integration with payroll and timekeeping systems can ease pay and benefits adjustments while all data is kept secure and safe for compliance purposes.

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Support your staff with their unique accommodations.

When an employee has a work-related injury or other approved condition that needs a workplace accommodation, Pulpstream gives your team the ability to focus more on their care than the paperwork that drives the process. Doctor’s certificates; work reassignments; recertifications and evaluations; and all notes, attachments, and data can be tied to automated notifications, tasks, or reminders and stored in Pulpstream for secure accessibility anywhere.