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Commerce Casino Simplifies Claims Milestone Tracking

Digitized Business Processes:
• Workers’ Compensation Claims
• Inspections


• Milestone Tracking Simplified
• Department Silos Dissolved
• Visibility Into Root Cause



The Challenge: Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Overseeing workers’ compensation claims at a business that is open 24/7 is a complex endeavor. The Commerce Casino employs more than 2,600 employees to create thrilling experiences for about 10,000 daily visitors. The privately-owned company is LA’s number one destination for games of skill.

Commerce Casino employees specialize in creating unique experiences. With the excitement comes some risk. If an employee is injured on the job, a series of business tasks begins. The Human Resources department collaborates with the Safety & Risk department during this process to ensure employee well-being, as well as policy compliance.

Prior to using Pulpstream, filing and tracking workers’ compensation claims required a significant time investment. Information, such as incident reports, insurance policies, and workers’ compensation claims, was stored across a web of folders and servers. Identifying whether the employee had appropriate training that could have prevented the injury was also a challenge. As is the case at many enterprises, each department had its own storage space on the company network. Information silos formed.

This architecture made driving progress towards resolution a challenge. Employees were spending too much time on tedious tasks, which inspired frustration. Tracking milestones was a manual process, causing some employees to duplicate work. Company leaders sought technology to make claims lifecycle management a more efficient process.

The Solution: New Process Management Platform

Pulpstream web interface with social, in-feed collaboration tools. Data is illustrative, and not Commerce Casino Data.

Commerce Casino partnered with Pulpstream to create a custom solution that streamlines its business process management. Every touch point in all the processes is dynamic.

When a new claim is filed, information is sent to the company’s cloud, triggering a status update on all stakeholder screens. Task ownership, details, and attachments are visible to all collaborators. Milestone progress is visualized. If a business process is off track, or requires employee input, notifications can be sent to stakeholders to trigger engagement.

“The automatic notifications, real-time reporting, and visually-friendly organizing system that Pulpstream offers has helped us significantly cut down on tedious tasks, identify patterns, and deliver accurate information at all times,” said Jose L. Garcia, Executive Director of Human Resources at Commerce Casino.

Partnering with Pulpstream created visibility for Commerce Casino that arms its leadership team with knowledge. Digitizing the business process helps company leaders identify patterns in the data that can be used to prevent financial losses and worker injuries. Executives can create visuals with multiple data sets to unlock actionable insights.

Rummaging through multiple servers to find or update records is a fading memory. Records are unified on one screen, which can be accessed anywhere, on any device through the cloud. Commerce Casino employees are collaboratively driving progress towards the best outcomes at digital speed.