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No-Code Application Development Empowers Business Units

No-code application development allows almost all of us to feel like software engineers within minutes. This is because no-code software can be used to develop applications easily without years training, experience, or considerable technical knowledge. This innovative idea gets non-technical business people onboard to help corporations become more resilient while seamlessly adapting to change. It’s also a fantastic approach to respond to the growing shortage of top tech talent within the country.

Imagine developing a business process management application to respond to an enterprise problem without ever taking a computer science course? That’s exactly what we’re talking about here and this can be achieved within a matter of minutes, hours, or days. Not six months down the road!

Even if your company has to deal with multiple data inputs, a no-code application development platform like Pulpstream can empower a new generation of citizen developers (or non-technical employees building apps) to take the initiative and solve enterprise issues rapidly.

How does no-code application development work?

No-code application development platforms provide an opportunity for business people to build apps, even very complex ones. As they can accept all types of data inputs from users, devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT), they can deliver significant value to the business.

What’s great is the fact that software engineers can also join in at any time. However, unlike low-code development, it does not ultimately require complex or piecemeal development. Furthermore, you can also easily integrate it with existing systems.

All this combined can have a positive impact on your bottom line as you won’t need to totally change your current IT infrastructure to adapt to a custom app.

No-code development can be critical going forward as customer experiences are vital to remaining relevant. So if there are inefficient processes having a negative impact on customer experiences, you can quickly build an app to fix it rapidly.

Whether it’s for IoT, business process management, or streamlining workflows, low code application development is going to have a huge impact on corporate coding in the years to come. This is supported by Gartner’s survey that found that approximately 41% of large enterprises have established active citizen development initiatives.

But for you and I to become successful citizen developers, corporations need to understand the opportunities presented by no-code software. This can be tricky as we are all used to IT department handling all technology development initiatives (without any support from other areas of the company).

The no-code approach creates business value.

When you embrace no-code application development, you will immediately benefit from the in-depth knowledge of the citizen developer. This means that the application will be developed by someone who has a significant understanding of the underlying daily business processes that need to be improved to enhance efficiency.

In the end, the business will have a custom app (within a few hours or days) that fits the business’ specific needs. This can’t be easily accomplished with a one-size-fits all solution available in the app store.

This exactly what Systems Services of America Foods (SSA Foods) achieved by embracing Pulpstream’s no-code development platform. By building a custom app, SSA Foods was able to benefit immediately from more consistent workflow processes, real-time insights of performance data across all operations, and seamless KPI measurements (without killing a bunch of trees!).

If they took the traditional software development approach, it might have taken almost six months before they encountered a prototype. But with Pulpstream, they were able to see real business value quickly.

Slow response times can make you vulnerable to competitive market pressures to be more efficient and provide enhanced customer experiences. Furthermore, we have all become used to connecting and working on the go, so it’s important to take advantage of technology to have relevant data at our fingertips.

A no-code application development platform can take some of the pressure off by increasing efficiency and user experiences across the board by digitizing business processes.

This means that one or more citizen developers can quickly adapt to changes by building mobile apps to work from anywhere, manage cases in the cloud, take advantage of real-time performance data (including KPIs), centralize records, and retire legacy systems with a simple drag and drop approach.

Everyone benefits in this scenario as a no-code approach to a business problem can be implemented quickly. This, in turn, makes employees and the organization as a whole more productive and more efficient.

As a result, no-code application development can impact your customer experiences significantly through citizen coding and business process automation. Learn more about Pulpstream's no-code platform today!

No-Code Process Modernization