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Mobile Devices Increase Safety Program Engagement

To truly inspire employees to follow best practices in their respective industries, they need tools to help them perform their jobs better. Getting employees to follow best practices is especially challenging.

It’s like pulling a brand-new computer out of the box—one that has the latest software with all the bells and whistles. When a device has no performance limitations, employees can use it to perform high-quality work.

Employees feel more inspired when using the latest tools and technology. Unreliable tools and technology are demotivating. In fact, when employees feel limited at the workplace due to outdated tools or poor-performing technology, they face the day knowing that they can’t give their best in a timely fashion―they have to work twice as hard to produce the same results.

Employees are mentally healthier working for companies that give their employees better tools to do their job, according to a recent study. In fact, 84% of people would consider leaving their current jobs for those that have access to better technology.

Supplying employees with the latest tools and workflow optimizations inspires them to do better and face their jobs each day prepared to give 100%. When we remove the barriers that prevent people from doing their best, everything changes. Best practices are much easier to follow, which helps the entire company.

Having the right business process management tools to manage Environment Health and Safety (EHS) programs helps employees feel inspired, revved up and ready to bring their “A” game.

Employees can use mobile devices to manage compliance issues, inspections, incidents, and audits. They can also easily capture evidence, such as sensor information, geological information, and photos. Having a flexible no-code software development platform like Pulpstream can contribute to the overall productivity of the team, especially during unplanned situations.

When things don’t go as planned and changes need to be made quickly, a no-code EHS software system with a drag and drop business process editor empowers business leaders to experiment in real-time. Linking mobile phones into the system enables businesses to rapidly address compliance issues and initiate corrective action on the spot—and in real-time too. You can simultaneously deploy people to sites across the globe with fresh audits or inspections on their phones. Within the hour you can have a data visualization that contains information about all your lines of business.

Mobile devices are a fantastic tool for empowering employees to unleash themselves from their desks, conduct work wherever, and measure performance improvements with real-time data. Using EHS software on a mobile device guides people to do their business processes in the most efficient way, following best practices. Using software essentially creates guardrails that can help an employee stay in compliance, even on a tough day. The effortlessness of interacting with a device that they feel comfortable with, contributes to the feeling of a job well-done.

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