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COVID Case Management in the Workplace: Why Digitization Is Crucial for Success

Since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the only thing that has been consistent is the unpredictability of what’s going to happen next. Lockdowns, testing requirements, and workplace disruptions seem to change by the minute.As we’ve learned more about the virus and the beneficial health measures we can take to keep our communities safe, we’ve also learned a lot more about what can be done to limit the virus’s impact on operations and customer service.

For example, the ability to closely track and account for employees’ COVID-related leaves of absence, testing requirements, and vaccination status can go a long way toward ensuring an organization’s workforce stays safe. As the world began to adapt to the new normal, technology had not yet been created specifically to assist with the business needs of tracking pandemic workforce requirements. 

As time goes on, supply chains are constrained, factories are struggling with resources, and schools have ongoing staffing challenges. Because of these difficulties, most organizations have realized that digitizing COVID-19 case management workflows is a necessity. 

What exactly can digitization mean for your organization’s COVID-related tracking, and how can it help you take control over your workplace? Let’s take a look.

Bringing Structure and Organization to the Unpredictable

Not only do organizations need to track the health of their employees to keep their workers safe and healthy and keep their operations running smoothly, but they also need to comply with a number of state and federal mandates for COVID testing, vaccination, and sick leave for personal and family care.

With so many moving parts, it can be difficult for organizations to effectively answer a number of mission-critical questions, including:

  • What is the health status of our employees?
  • Who is going to be out of the office on a leave of absence over the next 14 days?
  • Which departments are facing the biggest labor shortages?
  • What direction is the number of COVID-19 cases trending in?
  • When can someone return to work after recovering from COVID-19?

Suffice it to say there’s a lot of information to manage here—so much that tracking the information by hand using email and spreadsheets simply won’t cut it.

By embracing digitization and HR automation, organizations can bring structure to the unpredictable, making it that much easier to collect important information with urgency.

How Digitization Enhances COVID Management in the Workplace

Instead of tracking this essential information by hand, organizations that embrace digitization and HR process automation can easily collect, consolidate, and manage COVID-related data and personal information. Digitizing these processes also makes it much easier to collect personal information—including details about vaccination status, test results, and exposure risk—and securely store it. Digitization is much safer than collecting this information manually or by hand, which could result in potential privacy violations.

At the same time, it also becomes easier to collect that data and report on it, simplifying the process of identifying trends so you can easily see the bigger picture.

Organizations that digitize these processes can also benefit from self-serve options that offer the ability to update and analyze information from any connected device. That way, in the event another shelter-in-place directive comes down the pike, the organization will be ready to sustain its operations.

Ready to Accelerate Your Case Management Process with Pulpstream?

Pulpstream makes the process of digitizing workflows and business processes a breeze by enabling you to build applications directly in a browser—with our out-of-the-box, ready-to-deploy solutions. 

With Pulpstream’s no-code software, teams are able to stay updated about changes in health data, using built-in, cross-platform notifications to stay on the same page. Further, logic-based workflows keep tasks and updates moving to the people who need them, ensuring all boxes are checked and all relevant information is captured.

Though we’re certainly seeing a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it appears as though the virus and its impacts will still be with us in some form for the foreseeable future, and the challenge of managing COVID in the workplace isn’t going away anytime soon. 

The faster your organization understands this and implements a reliable and helpful digital process for capturing all relevant health information, the sooner you can rest comfortably knowing your team is healthy and safe—ready to delight your customers day in and day out.

Ready to manage COVID cases efficiently and protect your workforce? Request a proof of concept from Pulpstream today.