Safety Reports in the Digital Age

Keeping the workplace safe and employees healthy are some of the most crucial responsibilities of employers in the construction industry. Risks like stray electrical wiring, operating heavy machinery, and fall hazards at a construction site can cause serious injuries to workers. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics construction workers have a 70% higher chance of suffering a work-related injury than all other occupations.

Proper risk management and safety training can help mitigate these risks. However, before managing the risks, companies must first identify what those risks are. That’s where safety inspections come in. A safety inspection helps companies find the potential hazards in a workplace to allow for corrective actions before they do any harm. In order to avoid potential workplace hazards, safety inspections must be carried out regularly to ensure regulatory compliance. 

In an article published by Highways Today, Pulpstream's Romy Malviya highlights how a BPA platform can help companies get the most out of their safety reports and ensure compliance. 

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