Sync Strategy With Reality On The Pulpstream Platform

Pulpstream helps enterprises digitize, deploy, and automate business processes. Save resources at enterprise scale. Achieve operational excellence. Coding is optional.

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Efficiently Deliver Digital Solutions

Digital process management delivers enterprise efficiencies. Streamline any business process with Pulpstream in record time.

Access work on any device, anywhere, even offline! Send updates through the cloud. Get rich data to strengthen performance management.

Digital Document Management

Convert paper, pdfs, or images into searchable data. Scan or upload documents straight into employee folders. Control access to who can view, update, or delete documents. Preview documents in browsers without downloading. Track document meta changes. View audit logs. Obtain first-party data for forecasting.

Design Once, Run Everywhere

Visually design workflows that adapt with new business requirements. Pulpstream features a reusable component library of elements that can be used in more than one context.

Visually add digital forms, milestones, and more to a digital work stream. Add unlimited rules, conditions, and action triggers.

Edit and test the digital process on the same screen. Publish updates to all users on all devices in real time.

Work online or offline

Do inspections, audits, and incident reports offline on a tablet, or a cell phone. Sync to the cloud when ready.

manage tasks

Assign, complete, and release tasks for business units. Track corrective actions and scores.

get organized with a forms catalog

Create folders to organize documents for inspections, incident management forms, contracts, HR, and all business processes.

delete Barriers to Documentation

Get witness statements before stories change.

drive growth with portals

Add digital portals and solutions at a high volume, high performance pace. Control access to information based on role or business unit.

Customize the tabs to get unique portals. Unite information systems to dissolve barriers to productivity.

See Task Milestone Progress

Approve, reject, or assign tasks. See status, details, and attachments in the tabs. Read notes in a social feed. Stay organized and drive progress!

Automate Communications

Trigger actions based on a context. Send communications based on a score or a policy. Save time and costs.

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Customize Decision Gateways

Automate actions with powerful decision matrices for dynamic workflows. Inject custom expressions to add proprietary logic.

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Visualize Data

Auto-generate reports for stakeholders, analysts, and regulators. Get micro or macro data.

Layer datA

Unlock future efficiencies with insights derived from first-party data.

Work on iOS or Android

Capture rich data on mobile devices such as photos, location stamps, and e-Signatures. Increase accuracy with notes, attachments, and diagram sketching.

Engage field employees, even in areas without wifi or cell service.

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business data secured

Pulpstream is committed to keeping your business data private. Store data in the geographic location required by government or security policies. Restore service faster during catastrophes with redundant storage infrastructure. Get audit logs for pattern recognition. Comply with enterprise security requirements.

Integrations Dissolve Data Silos

Creating Efficiencies Across Industries

“Clients have commented about how fast we are responding to their needs. Now that we have these digital automations, our safety folks can focus on spending more time doing client-facing activities.”
— Mark Rodefeld, Senior Director of Risk at Oasis Outsourcing

Exhausted by Inefficiency?