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Insurance Co. Digitally Transforms Business Processes in Record Time

New Work Streams™

• Risk assessments
• Field activity reporting
• Vendor invoicing
• Satisfaction surveys
• Contract creation


• Eliminated data entry redundancies
• Reduced service delivery time
• Freedom to work on tablets
• Real-time data reporting
• Operational resilience to change



When your group captive clients generate more than $2 billion in annual insurance premiums, modernizing your mission-critical software traditionally takes years. Captive Resources, LLC, partnered with Pulpstream to do it in 4 months.

Captive Resources is an independent consulting company that provides risk management, claims advocacy, and other services to group captive insurance companies. Based in Schaumburg, Illinois, its business processes are complex and unique to each client.

Dave Netti is Senior Vice President of Risk Control for Captive Resources. In 2015, a series of unfortunately-timed system failures inspired him and a team of four to modernize the company’s business process management software.

“When you have approximately 400 independent field consultants reliant on the system for their paycheck, failures and outages are highly impactful,” Netti said.

The Challenge: System Modernization

Multiple requirements needed to be fulfilled during the vendor exploration process. The software needed to accommodate more than 3,500 users and scale rapidly. It needed to be intuitive enough for people of all cultural identities to use, from tech-savvy millennials to baby boomers. Platform stability and security were critical to maintain client and customer confidentiality. Of utmost importance, the system needed to be customizable.

“When we were exploring vendors, customization was critical. Eighty percent of solution providers were eliminated after the first phone call,” Netti said. Communicating with other systems to perform mission-critical functions such as data analysis was a vital requirement, because a major goal was to eliminate data entry redundancies throughout the company.

Before Pulpstream, field consultants used multiple systems to complete business processes. Some used paper and Excel spreadsheets to capture information during surveys and risk assessments. Others used an old software system. Inevitably, many hours were spent entering data into the main system. The process was costly and time consuming, impacting service delivery time and the bottom line.

Results: Intuitive User Experience Mobilizes Team

Today, Captive Resources and the hundreds of independent consultants it oversees enjoy dramatically streamlined business processes. Surveys and risk assessments are completed on tablets. The Pulpstream native application automatically pushes data from mobile devices to custom web dashboards, showcasing real-time information to stakeholders.

From contract management to expense reimbursement, customized dashboards guide consultants through the most efficient sequence of tasks on whatever device they prefer. Consultants are even able to work offline.

“We found that the independent field consultants complete one to three assessments on their desktop computers, get comfortable with the software, then transition to tablets,” Netti said. “After they do one on the tablet, they never go back to desktop. The efficiency and ease of use saves them a lot of time.”

Code-Free Deployment Experience

From concept to launch, it took about four months to transition the company from its legacy software system to Pulpstream. Netti and the team simply handed forms to Pulpstream’s support team, who took the baton from there. New streamlined experiences empower colleagues to follow best practices, which reduces the chance of human error. Tailored reports give Netti and the team a 360° view of the enterprise. Without writing a line of code, Captive Resources can update consultant experiences to bolster new risk management strategies or adapt with marketplace demands.