The Commerce Casino Expands Pulpstream Platform’s Reach

Leave of Absence Capabilities Now Utilized By Major Casino


  • Handle heavy leave request volume
  • Compliance with Federal and State Leave Laws
  • Broken Processes and Tasks


  • Digitized Leave of Absence request workflow
  • Reduced tedious and redundant tasks by 60%
  • Assured State and Federal FMLA compliance with configurable automation
  • Real-time data and alerts, ensuring tasks are completed on time
  • Empowered Employees through Self Service

 A major Los Angeles institution since 1983, The Commerce Casino is one of the largest card rooms in the world. It is widely considered SoCal’s #1 home for games of skill, hosting a plethora of tables, casino games, and even celebrities with its close proximity to Hollywood. With more than 10,000 daily visitors attending for the vast array of options and countless marquee events like the LA Poker Classic, it is natural that Commerce Casino has a large staff of over 3,000 employees.

 Fittingly for a casino, the patrons weren’t the only ones taking risks. With so many employees, Commerce Casino’s Safety and HR Departments wanted a system that would help them file and track workers’ compensation claims. What they had was an antiquated system where claims and files were stored across various folders and servers, and Pulpstream proved to be the perfect platform for the task.

 Pulpstream created a customized automated solution, streamlining the entire process, making each touch point easily accomplishable, trackable, and accessible by all parties.

 Soon, another challenge started to show, but this time, for Leave of Absence (LOA) and Attendance: FMLA leave requests submitted were steadily increasing. Initially, HR purchased another system, but during implementation, quickly realized that system was not going to work and had to forfeit mid-implementation. It had become abundantly clear that having a more robust system that could help manage these requests efficiently and effectively was imperative.

 The Safety Department had such a positive experience, that they happily recommended Pulpstream LOA Modules for a custom LOA and Attendance tracking system.

 A Complete LOA Solution Through Collaboration

With Commerce Casino already aware of how Pulpstream works and operates, open communication between both parties ensured successful implementation throughout the entire process. The implementation of Pulpstream for Commerce Casino’s leave of absence processes was as smooth as one could hope.

 Armed with the necessary information, Pulpstream and Commerce Casino collaborated every step of the way. Pulpstream would implement the desired change, Commerce Casino would test it and provide feedback, and Pulpstream would address any kink. With Pulpstream being a fully configurable platform, along with offering a white glove service, the system was up and running in just a few months.

 Anna Shakaryan, HR Manager for Commerce Casino, said, “We didn’t have any intention of implementing Pulpstream, but as our leave requests rose, we knew that their system would work. This discipline of HR system can be quite complicated for an outsider, but Pulpstream spent the time to understand each type of leave and ensure success.”

 Increased Agility and Assured Compliance

It only took a month before Commerce Casino began to see a domino effect of good results.

 Easing the burden of heavy request volume - While the volume remains, HR is able to deal with it better thanks to the automation of key steps. With alerts, HR Coordinators don’t have to create calendar reminders or use sticky notes to remember to follow-up. Now that there is less manual work to be completed, HR is having to do less tedious tasks, like constructing messaging from scratch, and that allows them to devote their attention to the more crucial processes. And thanks to the allowance for a more critical eye on the real-time data from quarterly reports, they are able to discern patterns and act with agility.

 Ensured Compliance with Laws and Regulations - Whenever there is a change with state and federal laws and regulations, Commerce Casino policies must reflect those changes. Even though these are constantly fluid, Pulpstream works with Commerce Casino to configure the platform and avoid any unnecessary violations. All communications are customized and sent to desired parties at once, allowing HR to simply just oversee the process. If mandated tasks aren’t completed on time, management is quickly alerted and can address it.

 Ultimately, Pulpstream’s implementation leads to less employee stress, and the platform allows a better understanding of why they approach the processes that certain way as opposed to just blindly following steps.

 “Pulpstream not only made sure we got what we wanted, they would ask questions like ‘What exactly would you like to do,’ showing us better ways to address issues that we didn’t initially consider. They clearly want their customers to get the best use out of their platform,” praises Shakaryan.

 Now, thanks to Pulpstream’s growing presence in the business, The Commerce Casino’s leave of absence management process is no longer a house of cards, but a system befitting a gaming and entertainment giant.

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