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3 Key Reasons to Simplify and Streamline Your Leave of Absence Process

Whether it’s for a life event, workplace accident, or one of many other potential protected situations, having a leave of absence (LOA) policy can carry a great deal of weight for both the employer and the employee.

Not only does having a clear and consistent process help to provide clarity and set expectations for how an incident will be treated and who is responsible for what action, but it can also help organizations to retain their valued employees and, in some cases, even save money. 

Unfortunately, many organizations either don’t have the necessary tools or systems in place to streamline their LOA management processes or believe the cost of updating them to meet their current needs is not worth the time and effort.

However, with the introduction of 100-percent customizable no-code digitization platforms, organizations now have a new option that not only brings the agility and visibility required for a sound LOA management process, but also empowers the process experts to own the new workflow too, both today and as it needs refinement over time.

So why is simplifying how you coordinate your leave of absence process with a no-code digitization platform so important? We’ve rounded up three of the many reasons along with some tips on how your organization can get started.

1. It’s the law

Though ensuring that employees get the time and attention they need to deal with their personal situations is at the forefront of why an effective LOA process is important, it is also, simply put, the law.

Knowing that your organization is taking the right steps, keeping track of the right documents and updates, and communicating effectively with all the necessary stakeholders is not only good business, but it is also keeping your business on the right side of the law

These regulations, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and workers’ comp, exist to protect your organization and to ensure that all employees get the paid leave they are legally entitled to while a well-coordinated process gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing it right.

2. It affects your bottom line

Even though your employees are out of the office for an LOA-covered event, you can still directly tie their absence to a negative impact on your bottom line.

Though employees are entitled to the time off that they need, having more than what is needed because of an administrative error or miscommunication can have a financial impact on your personnel budget. This doesn’t even count the potential costs due to reduced productivity that comes from inefficient document and case management, which can easily compound the negative financial impact.

Instead, having a structured, proactive LOA process ensures that employees are getting the time they need while also protecting your business from the potential negative effects of unforced delays.

3. Your employees feel supported

Finally, if your team members know they are getting their proper leave and the process is easy to initiate, update, and manage, they will have more confidence and trust in your organization. 

This means happier, more loyal, and more engaged people who are motivated to be productive and help the business succeed. Your employees will feel that your organization looks out for them in their time of need and treats their LOA process with the due care and attention it deserves.

Pulpstream empowers your team to own your LOA process

Fortunately, kick-starting the digitization of your LOA process is as simple as reaching out to the team at Pulpstream. We can guide you through the process from start to finish. 

Pulpstream’s 100-percent customizable no-code digitization platform makes it easy for business process owners to design, manage, and implement their ideal LOA process, leveraging our built-in component library and simple integrations.

When in place, automated workflows, automatic notification, and native cloud-based document management help organizations keep on top of their important documentation, avoid missing key milestones, and quickly generate electronic documents, forms, and reports to increase efficiency and visibility.

And because Pulpstream makes it easy for business process owners to manage the process themselves, you can cut out expensive and time-intensive development costs and reduce your legacy software license and support costs.

Accelerate your digitization game with Pulpstream

Ready to see for yourself? Let us show you how easy it is to get started on digitizing your leave of absence process and other key business processes with Pulpstream.

Still need more convincing? See how digitizing saved one company hundreds of hours of time? Read our success story on how Pulpstream enabled Commerce Casino to save 2-3 hours a day on their LOA process alone!