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Top 8 Outcomes of Digitizing Leave of Absence Processes

The processes that facilitate your organization's leave of absence administration can say a lot about how streamlined your internal processes are. 

Are they full of workarounds, paper documents, emails, and manual tracking sheets? Or are they automated, digitized, integrated processes that seamlessly bring together the forms and systems that represent your commitment to your employees?

If your organization’s leave of absence (LOA) administration processes are more the former than the latter, then your organization and your employees are missing out on some major benefits and opportunities to more effectively maintain compliance.

So what can digitizing your LOA administration do for your organization?

What can leave of absence administration automation do for you?

If you are one of the more than 60 percent of businesses still using a workaround—including your payroll system—to track employee leave, then it’s likely that your organization is in for a big boost in productivity, visibility, and engagement. 

Here are just a few of the key benefits of LOA and HR business process automation:

1. Multiple Processes, One Platform

LOA may sound like one single process, but, in practice, administration can come in many forms, leaving many organizations struggling to keep up. LOA includes long-term leave, intermittent absence, and accommodation of employee job duties, all of which require different forms, communications, relevant parties, and dates to keep track of. Automation can help you streamline all of these processes and the unique data points that go into maintaining compliance.

2. Centralized and Intuitive Interaction with Employee Information

One of the more complex parts of LOA administration is the creation and distribution of key forms, documents, and letters to specific employees and compliance organizations.

With the power of integrations, automation, and intuitive dashboards, your team can automatically generate communications, reports, letters, and reminders at the right time to the right audience. 

3. Ready-to-Use, Easy Business Process Management 

Federal- and state-mandated LOA requires organizations to comply with a range of rules and regulations, which can be difficult to implement and keep track of. 

Therefore, choosing an automation platform that comes with built-in rules allows your team to manage your leave program without having to worry about missing a key component or compliance gaps and possible penalties that could come with them. 

Pulpstream’s easy rules configurator allows your team to change your process flows whenever LOA rules change without requiring the help of an outside consultant or developer.

4. Increased Productivity

Are you wasting time tracking down and organizing paper documents, hunting for data in disparate systems, and manually transferring information? Your staff members will have more time to focus on their jobs and help their coworkers. With the power of automation, triggers, and built-in actions and integrations, your employees can turn data into outcomes faster.

5. Escalations, Reminders, and Self-Service

Much of an LOA administrator’s time is spent tracking different dates and sending and managing documents, such as certificates from employees, physician’s notes, and work accommodation plans. 

By selecting a platform such as Pulpstream, you can use the power of built-in logic and automation to take care of these tasks, cut down manual document processing, and increase overall productivity. 

For example, you can:

  • Trigger email or SMS updates based on dates or process updates.

  • Automatically file documents via email attachments.

  • Offer self-service features that give employees the ability to upload certificates or update their status without needing to talk to an administrator.

6. Access to Data

Once employee, leave, and other data is digitized in the system, it’s searchable, reportable, and trackable, helping to ensure the completion of your responsibilities to your employees. 

You are then able to have a 360-degree view of each employee case, including all of the types of requests they have made, the relevant documentation, and associated communications.

7. Secure, Accessible, and Recoverable Data

By digitizing your LOA administration with a solution such as Pulpstream, your HR professionals and employees can access the data that they need, when they need it, no matter the platform. Your information is secure in a redundant cloud-based infrastructure, which means your team can be back up and running faster following a business disruption.

8. More Engaged, Happier Employees

By tapping into the power of automation to trigger actions based on an action, rule, context, or custom decision matrix for dynamic workflows, you are speeding up the otherwise manual steps that would go into LOA administration. 

Give your team the ability to easily approve, reject, or assign LOA-related tasks and quickly view leave status, details, and attachments so they can get more done. 

No-Code Process Modernization


Empower your people with Pulpstream.

With Pulpstream, your team can take the fast lane to the digitization of your leave of absence administration processes. Pulpstream gives your team the power of intuitive dashboards; flexible, no-code process design; and secure, reliable, and accessible platforms no matter how and where your team works.

If your organization is tired of a disjointed and inefficient LOA process, Pulpstream is here to help. Learn more about how Pulpstream has helped businesses liberate HR administrators by digitizing leave of absence processes.

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