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6 Key Benefits Of Digitizing Processes

They may not be at the forefront of your mind when you think about your business, but processes are what keep your business ticking and make your customers feel engaged and heard.

So if your company has been considering (or is in need of) a digital transformation, you’re far from alone. Countless organizations are recognizing the numerous financial and operational benefits of digitizing and automating business processes to improve their response times; streamline manual, paper-driven workflows; and deliver for their customers. 

Whether you are considering embarking on a complete digital transformation or you simply want to streamline your workflows, here are just a few of the numerous benefits your company stands to gain from investing in digitizing and automating processes.

1. Saving Time and Money

Each time a process is stuck waiting for action or a team member is left looking through various systems or documents for their next step, you are losing productivity and, in turn, time and money. Not only is managing PDF forms and paper documents in disparate environments costly and inefficient, but it is also tedious and prone to error.

Instead, by digitizing outdated, labor- and time-intensive processes, Pulpstream enables your organization to keep task owners on track by providing easy access to the status of processes, which decreases the effort needed to keep processes moving forward. 


2. Streamlining Workflows

With manual processes, it can be hard to monitor every input and output that goes into each step. However, digitizing your processes lets you dissect and automate each task and decision for improvements that help remove pain points, eliminate process friction, and optimize workflows.

This can be especially useful when you are streamlining processes across business units, among geographically dispersed locations, or even across distributed workforces, allowing your team to keep things moving with preconfigured kickoff triggers, decision points, notifications, and centralized task details. 


3. Dissolving Data Silos

By employing a process digitization platform that is capable of utilizing flexible system integrations, your team can also quickly break down data silos that were hampering improvements and slowing productivity.

With digitized processes, your team can stop processing paperwork or cobbling data together from various sources, which is costly and time-consuming, and instead allow Pulpstream to automatically call and request data in real time, whenever and in whatever format you need it. 


4. Ensuring Compliance

Whether they are internal best practices or regulatory standards, digitizing processes and improving the management of related documentation can help ensure compliance and safety requirements are met in a timely, accurate manner.

Not only can it help you to prevent important steps in a regulated process from being missed, but a solution like Pulpstream also automatically creates an auditable record of each step to help monitor compliance


5. Engaging Employees

Process digitization enables your organization to improve engagement with your field employees. Using a solution like Pulpstream—which allows access to its platform at any time and place and on any device, online or offline—empowers field employees to work more efficiently and reduces potential roadblocks caused by paper documentation.

As your staff gets their work done, built-in communications and notification features alert the next task owner of their required action while also providing real-time updates to process owners on Pulpstream’s customizable dashboard.


6. Accelerating Growth

When your team is focused more on getting their work done and engaging with each other and less on finding documentation and researching tasks, they can spend more time focused on their mission and more strategic tasks. 

In other words, by going digital, your organization can not only modernize your processes but also accelerate your business growth. 


Take the Next Step

By pairing digital document management with process automation, your organization can realize new efficiencies, improve employee engagement, and reduce slow, manual workarounds that might be holding your business back.

If your organization is ready to realize these benefits of digitizing processes—and many more—then our team of experts would love to help you design a solution that is right for your business. 

To see which of your processes can easily be digitized, request a free, live demo to learn more about Pulpstream’s no-code digital transformation solutions and see them in action for yourself!