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World's Largest Staffing Company Achieves Success with Pulpstream




Randstad is a global leader in the human resources services industry, helping businesses and professionals come together to secure rewarding jobs and drive operations forward. Every day, Randstad puts about 650,000 people to work (100,000 people in the U.S.); annually, the company sees about $24 billion in revenue ($5 billion in the U.S.). And when you are an industry leader in staffing like Randstad, you are entrusted with working with your partners to keep employees safe and to help businesses better understand their potential risks. 

So when the United States-based arm of Randstad decided that exploring digital transformation solutions was the best way to handle automation staffing as well as other automation challenges—especially with the power and advantages of a no-code digitization platform—Pulpstream quickly rose to the challenge.

How Pulpstream Reinvigorated Two Key Randstad Processes

Pulpstream is flexible enough to digitize any of an organization’s workflows and processes, but Randstad started with two that needed more visibility, efficiency, and advanced functionality: workers’ compensation incidents and how the company conducted and managed the worksite evaluations that feed into its employee staffing methodology.

Tracking Workers’ Compensation Incidents

As a business whose reputation relies on effective and productive collaboration with other businesses to meet its staffing needs, Randstad’s priority is to keep employees safe—and, if an injury does occur, to help them get the treatment that they need. Then, when the time comes that employees are medically cleared to return, Randstad can help them back to work.

With more than 100,000 people on assignment every day, unfortunately, accidents do happen. Roughly 7,000 incidents are reported to Randstad per year across the United States, and the company found that its manual, inconsistent, and disjointed processes made it less effective in its ability to track cases and efficiently get staff back to work when they were ready.

Randstad also lacked centralized databases and dashboards to identify trends, track the progress of cases at both the enterprise and case-specific level, and conduct root cause analysis to help develop mitigation strategies to prevent further injuries.

Finally, with satellite offices handling their own return to work cases, each employee's experience and process varied, which caused inconsistency and a lack of standardization.

Handling Worksite Evaluations

As part of its staffing process, Randstad also conducted worksite evaluations to identify the needs of the business and the skills that were required to fill them.

These evaluations were conducted on-site and involved interviews with employees and business managers. When done, they were captured, submitted, and stored in a variety of ways, making it impossible to achieve appropriate levels of detail, consistency, and efficiency.

At the same time, many worksite interviews and other paperwork were completed manually and were tracked and recorded across a number of systems. Added up over the course of thousands of evaluations, this process held back Randstad’s productivity and limited the impact of this preventive measure.

How Pulpstream Unlocked the Potential of Randstad’s Processes

After getting a customized demo that showcased the power of Pulpstream’s no-code platform, Randstad partnered with the Pulpstream team not only to simply digitize the current process but also to design Randstad’s ideal version of these two key processes.

Soon after, the Randstad team was able to recognize many benefits of the Pulpstream-empowered version of their processes, including:

  • Built-in integration and API functionality supported the connectivity of their processes with existing systems to facilitate data-driven decisions and trend analysis.
  • Conditional logic helped with the routing and escalation of cases and evaluations to the necessary parties to keep them on track.
  • Consolidation of employee case data and site evaluations and interviews provided a 360-degree view of the results of their processes where there was previously a piecemeal approach.
  • Native reporting and data analysis tools gave Randstad the power to perform more robust root cause analysis and evaluate mitigation strategies.
  • Digital forms were able to replace manual and paper-based processes for more efficient and secure workflows.
  • Digitized forms and collaboration features allowed users and stakeholders to complete forms and provide data via multiple methods—including SMS/text messaging, email, and web-based forms—anywhere and at any time, including offline, to get results processed faster.
  • The no-code platform sped up and simplified process implementation and allowed process owners to design and manage their ideal processes to meet the evolving needs of their business.
  • Standardized forms and process workflows helped to capture all of the necessary information consistently across sites.

Combined, the Randstad team estimates that, since the implementation of its incident management and worksite evaluation processes in Pulpstream’s digitization platform, the company is saving about $1.4 million per year in costs. Such savings can be attributed to more detailed and actionable information coming from both the worksite evaluations and claim reporting and improved communication and coordination with stakeholders and field offices.

The Future with Pulpstream

The Pulpstream digitization platform gave Randstad the automation, quality, consistency, and efficiency the company desired. Having automated and digitized processes also freed up Randstad’s staff to focus more time and energy on their mission and work on revenue-generating activities instead of processing and handling paperwork.

Ultimately, implementing these two processes was just the beginning of Randstad’s relationship with Pulpstream, giving the global firm a powerful new tool to standardize and digitize its processes while empowering process owners to do their best work.

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