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Oasis Outsourcing Streamlines Risk Management

Streamlined Processes:

• Field Safety Inspections
• Risk Scoring
• Client Communications


• Automated Risk Alerts
• $65,000 in First 9 Months
• Digital Inspection App
• Consistent Client Communications



Oasis Outsourcing is one of the nation’s largest Professional Employer Organizations. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida since 1996, Oasis Outsourcing provides human resources administration, risk management oversight, workers’ compensation services and more. Its human-resources products and services empower SMBs to compete with Fortune 500 companies.

Senior Director of Risk Mark Rodefeld oversees a safety team, with territories in all 50 states, that conducts about 700 inspections year. Prior to partnering with Pulpstream, the team conducted worksite inspections with paper and pencil in a variety of environments. Every inspection is different based on client policies and risk appetites. After an inspection, the team member would relocate to a hotel room, where they opened a laptop to transfer handwritten observation notes to client relationship management software.

They manually graded each observation to create a risk score for the location, which is sent to Rodefeld. They hand-typed follow-up communications to clients that contain acknowledgements and recommendations. It used to take 2-3 weeks to complete this process. These days, the knowledge transfers happen at digital speed. Oasis Outsourcing partnered with Pulpstream to digitize worksite evaluations and automate the associated clerical and risk score reporting tasks.

When a safety team member flies to a location to inspect it, they conduct the inspection on a mobile device, even if that device has no cell service or internet access. They use digital forms that are relevant to the client’s industry, while in Offline Mode. They can choose from healthcare forms, general industry forms, construction forms, and other custom digital forms created from client requirements.

The need to organize paper, transcribe potentially illegible notes, and write follow-up communications is a thing of the past. The chance of forgetting to follow up with a client was deleted.

“When the safety folks submit a report by clicking that magic button, the system automatically sends an email to the client saying thank you; and here are our recommendations,” Rodefeld said. “Automating these follow up messages ensures consistency in our client communications. We know they are typo-free and consistent with the brand experience we want to create, because they have all been reviewed and approved by our corporate team.”

Custom logic in the digital process automations instantly triggers risk alerts to senior management if a location has a high risk score. Faster knowledge transfers empower Oasis Outsourcing to identify, mitigate, and resolve risky situations faster. The partnership saved Oasis Outsourcing about $65,000 in the first 9 months on administrative labor hours. But it’s not simply about the financial savings, said Rodefeld.

“The intangible savings is the client satisfaction. Clients have commented about how fast we are responding to their needs. Now that we have these digital automations, our safety folks can focus on spending more time doing client-facing activities.”