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From Excel to Pulpstream: 8 Benefits of Leave of Absence Automation

When you’re responsible for juggling schedules, cases, and unique leave requirements for your employees based on different state, federal, and even international rules, you need a purpose-built tool that gives you complete visibility into the leave management process, making the entire operation a lot easier.

Traditionally, organizations have managed leave via disparate systems. Information is often scattered across Excel spreadsheets, documents stuffed in various folders, calendar reminders, emails, and—most recently—Slack chats. 

After going through this clunky process a few times, it becomes obvious that the scattered approach leaves your people with more headaches than insights. After all, you don’t have a single source of truth and there’s lots of manual work involved, which opens the door to human error and annoyed employees.

Luckily, new leave management software solutions have emerged in recent years that enable organizations to optimize business processes with drag-and-drop simplicity and no coding expertise required. 

Pulpstream, for instance, gives your team the ability to create, manage, and refine a leave of absence process uniquely customized to fit your organization's needs instead of having to follow rigid rules or generic processes designed for the average business. 

What exactly could a move away from a disparate system to Pulpstream mean for your organization’s leave of absence process? Let’s take a look at eight key enhancements.

8 Benefits of Pulpstream’s Leave Management Software

1. End-to-End, Real-Time Visibility into the Leave of Absence Process 

Pulpstream gives HR professionals complete visibility into all organizational leave cases and all individual case information in one place. With this bird’s-eye view of the entire leave management process, the HR team has the clarity it needs to make good decisions.

2. Improved Collaboration from Anywhere

Because it is a cloud-based leave management software platform, people teams can access Pulpstream from any device—whether they’re in the office, at home, or traveling to a conference. When communication is streamlined among teams and staff, collaboration improves and your employees accomplish more.

3. Enhanced Security, Accountability, and Availability Through Dedicated Cloud Access

With Pulpstream, both the HR team and other employees can leverage cloud-based tools that enable them to update tasks and initiate actions from anywhere. Dedicated cloud resources give teams the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is secure and they can access it at their convenience.

4. Increased Productivity

Pulpstream lets teams take advantage of automation to create scheduled reminders for important tasks and responsibilities or to generate letters for compliance milestones. Incorporating leave of absence automation is an easy way to make sure everything important gets taken care of while freeing your team to focus on other important areas of operations.

Plus, with built-in logic and notifications, Pulpstream ensures processes keep moving with no human intervention required—which further compounds productivity gains.

Pull quote: “I don’t have to waste time double-checking my follow-ups - I don’t have to search and worry about “What did I miss?!” Once I key it into Pulpstream, I know it’s there and the follow-ups will automatically happen.” - Amy Doyle, Sterman Massers

5. Improved Decision-Making with Customizable Reporting Capabilities

Thanks to built-in templates and customizable reporting functionality, people teams can slice and dice data every which way to optimize the leave of absence request process and make sure resources are delegated even more effectively moving forward. This means fewer hours compiling data and more time to focus on making the best data-driven decisions.

6. Improved Data Hygiene and Integrity with Bespoke Workflows

Pulpstream’s intuitive workflows ensure that data is gathered in its entirety without any important details missing. By making employees fill out required fields, people teams can ensure they have all the data they need and don’t have to do extra work to fill in the missing pieces.

Armed with thorough data, people teams can establish specific workflows to aid in meeting compliance rules, tracking efforts, and ensuring the necessary documentation is collected and attached to each file. Leave management software makes it easy to keep the proverbial house in order.

7. Empowered Employees Who Can Find the Answers They Need

With an intelligent automation platform like Pulpstream in place, employees are empowered to send over doctor’s notes via simple SMS reminder messages. Before, HR teams had to initiate outreach and hound employees continuously. Pulpstream automates this process entirely, helping people teams reclaim time while ensuring employees who need time off from work can take it without issue.

8. Scalability

Pulpstream’s leave management software sets organizations up to scale with confidence. With Pulpstream, people teams can grow and refine their processes as their needs change.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Excel?

If your organization is still managing the leave of absence process the old-fashioned way, there’s no way you’re operating as efficiently as you can be. As a result, time is wasted, employees are frustrated, and your bottom line isn’t as strong as it should be.

With an automated solution like Pulpstream, you aren’t just keeping up with your leave of absence process. Instead, you’re giving your team the ability to make data-driven decisions that not only help reduce future incidents but also provide the responsiveness and high-touch treatment your employees deserve.

When your organization is ready to make the move to a digitization platform that puts process owners in the driver’s seat, request a proof of concept and take Pulpstream for a spin.