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Digitize Incident And Claims Management To Work Smarter Not Harder

An area of concern for businesses today lies in implementing claims and incident management processes in the office. It may feel like things are getting out of control at times when there are multiple claims to be filed, and a lack of manpower in house to manage them.

When companies are faced with claims management problems, claims may become backed up, and the company may receive several denials from insurance companies at an alarming rate. This is an issue that can really impact a company’s revenue stream. When claims begin to stack up, and denials are coming in for a variety of reasons, the office can become a stressful and hectic place. Once a company is faced with such claims management issues, there’s a chance that employee morale will, in turn, suffer, as staff become overwhelmed by all of the paperwork involved with traditional methods of conducting incident management and claims.

The good news is that there is a solution. Since we are in living in a digital age, incident management and claims processes can also be digitized. Paperwork is very old school, and not a necessity these days. With the touch of a few buttons on a mobile device or computer, one can download a way to streamline these processes, and manage all event reports, investigative reports, witness statements—all the stuff that can bury employees in paperwork—and communicate data in real-time, utilizing intelligent, automated reports that allow for tracking data & trends. This can free up several hours of employee time so that staff can work smarter, not harder.

It’s quite common for business requirements for compliance, claims, risk, etc. to change on a dime, and it can be tough to respond quickly; keeping up with the ever-changing business landscape. This is where no-code application development comes in handy. When the IT department is backed up, and payroll cannot support a larger staff, there is no better way to implement said changes into a company’s claim and incident management workflow. A user-friendly interface that anyone can learn in a day or two is key. There is no need to call IT, as any employee with a smartphone or computer can implement changes to stay ahead.

Once staff have the power to integrate their legacy system with new digital processes they create, the company will save a great deal of time, resources, and money. Streamlined processes save a company money by reducing the amount of payroll hours that need to be spent doing things with paper and pens, and waiting for employees to share information with a variety of departments. If employees can submit data online and store it in the cloud in real-time, each and every department will be able to access said info immediately. Not only will costs be cut, but risk will be reduced, as there will be less room for error. Now employees can focus on the most important aspects of their jobs without having to become stressed out and worried about claims and incident management, or waiting for the IT department to implement any changes.

Is there such a solution in existence today? Absolutely! Pulpstream offers such a solution.The Pulpstream app is also available in an offline mode, so that employees may conduct business when they are not able to connect to the Internet. This app is available on Android, iOS, MS Surface and web.