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Who Uses Pulpstream?

No matter the size, scale, or scope of your process, if it’s painfully inefficient, Pulpstream is here to help. Here are some of our typical use cases.

HR Process Optimization
Human Resource Management

53% of HR professionals plan to invest in process automation, according to a KPMG survey. Create an easier experience for your team by automating requests such as Leave of Absence, Intermittent, employee onboarding/offboarding.

Risk, Safety & Incident Management
Safety and Risk Management

A Forrester study showed a 361% rise in the total ROI from automating safety and risk management processes. Streamline entire safety and risk management operations, including OSHA compliance, incident management, claims management, investigations, and audits & inspections across locations and geographies.

Modernize Workflows
Finance and Legal

Did you know legal and finance teams currently spend 65% of their time on manual processes? Automation can reduce it by 30%.* Save money, free up time, and minimize the potential for errors by automating key operations like contract and invoice approvals.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Free yourself from repetitive tasks and busy work. Tap into our white-glove service to rethink and redesign your business processes and automate them in record time

Digitally Transform Your Process
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Improve Accountability.

Leverage Pulpstream’s built-in alerts, notifications, and process kick starters to keep things moving, and track when and where tasks get stuck. Put your processes on autopilot and see progress at a glance

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Business Process Workflow Optimization

Ensure Compliance

Meet compliance requirements by streamlining processes, improving accountability, and minimizing potential oversight with automation

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Business Rules Engine

Connect Data Silos

Enable your teams to review and take action on their assigned tasks on any device—even offline. Break data and process silos by empowering users to perform tasks such as capturing signatures and storing photos, sketches, and more

Automate Your Business Processes
Digital Transformation Solutions with Pulpstream

Deliver solutions faster.

Modern. Intuitive. Cutting-edge. Pulpstream’s platform helps your team connect with each other, your technology ecosystem, and your customers faster and easier so you can achieve operational excellence.

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