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Over 2 Million Lives Managed Daily

Pulpstream is the chosen solution for America's leading organizations—streamlining vital operations across businesses of all sizes, from 300 to over 90,000 employees.


In the heart of every organization lies its people, and at Pulpstream, we understand that nurturing this heart requires a blend of empathy, efficiency, and compliance.


Pulpstream optimizes HR workflows, directly impacting employee satisfaction and retention by creating a supportive work environment. Automated processes ensure swift and accurate handling of HR tasks, reducing administrative burdens and allowing more time for meaningful employee interactions.

This streamlined approach fosters a positive workplace culture where employees feel valued and supported, significantly contributing to lower turnover rates and a more engaged workforce.



We're redefining efficiency with our pioneering, no-code automation technology. Venture into a space where innovation propels your processes forward, slashing the time spent on document management by up to 80%. Break free from the cumbersome mix of emails, spreadsheets, and manual tasks.

Pulpstream empowers your team with a dynamic, user-friendly platform designed to streamline your operations and reclaim control. Say goodbye to inefficiency and embrace the future of process



In today's ever-changing regulatory environment, compliance is more than a requirement; it's a cornerstone of ethical and effective HR management. Pulpstream uniquely addresses this by seamlessly automating compliance with federal and state regulations, ensuring your organization stays ahead of potential legal challenges.

Our platform meticulously updates and aligns with the latest laws, delivering peace of mind and freeing your HR team to focus on fostering a supportive and engaging workplace culture. This proactive approach to compliance safeguards your organization against costly oversights and enhances the overall employee experience.


Here’s how Pulpstream can help you transform your business processes:


Automate Leave Management

Revolutionize your approach to leave management with Pulpstream. Automate leave of absence processes, ensuring adherence to state and federal mandates, reducing non-compliance risk, and providing unparalleled support to employees during critical times.


Enhance Employee Relationships

Empower your HR team with advanced tools to nurture and manage employee relations effectively. Ensure every team member positively contributes to the organization's growth with a holistic, streamlined approach to employee relationship management.


Streamline Claims Management

Efficiently manage the lifecycle of every claim — from origination to closure. Our comprehensive platform is designed to handle workers’ compensation, general liability, auto, and third-party claims within a secure and streamlined process.


Simplify Return to Work

Facilitate a smoother return-to-work process post-incident, reducing stress for all parties involved. Leverage Pulpstream to ensure a supportive, efficient transition back to work, prioritizing employee well-being and productivity.


Optimize Incident Investigations

Capture and manage every detail of incidents to improve your organization's response to environmental, health, or safety concerns. Pulpstream transforms how incidents are investigated, ensuring thoroughness and compliance.


Boost Risk and Governance

Elevate your organization's compliance and safety management. Tap into Pulpstream’s automation and digitization capabilities to increase visibility, enhance accuracy, and enable detailed analysis and follow-up on corrective actions.

Leverage Pulpstream's intuitive platform, equipped with a comprehensive component library, customizable alerts, and dynamic workflows, to design, deploy, and track any process in real time across any device. Seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure via APIs, SFTP, or direct messaging, enabling automation that transcends conventional boundaries.

Understanding that successful process automation extends beyond just providing a platform, we offer a comprehensive service that includes custom integration and tailored process design to address your business’s needs. This approach ensures access to cutting-edge tools and a complete solution crafted to solve your unique challenges efficiently right from the start.


Ready to transform your business processes and free your team from repetitive tasks and busy work?


See what our customers are saying about Pulpstream.

"Even though they’re all over the country or out of the country, they’re all having a shared experience through the platform and the app. It’s amazing; Pulpstream has made a huge impact on our workflows. [It has] helped us reduce friction and gain numerous hours to focus on our customers and employees."

Matt Stringer
Interstate Batteries

“It keeps everyone organized and accountable because you can see who has done what. If someone has initiated a claim or put a policy in the system, instead of asking around the office, I can log in to Pulpstream and look at the record."

Sabrina Straley
Risk Management Partners

“The best part is that we have a system where I can look at everything immediately. Nothing falls through cracks anymore.”

Anna Shakaryan
The Commerce Casino & Hotel

“Pulpstream helped us transform ourselves from a paper-based organization to [a] 100 percent digitized organization. We used to fill out several forms per project. If you stacked all the pieces of paper we used each year on top of each other, you had an enormous stack that was almost as tall as me.”

Danny Minnix
The Branch Group

“The automatic notifications, real-time reporting, and visually friendly organizing system that Pulpstream offers have helped us significantly cut down on tedious tasks, identify patterns, and deliver accurate information at all times.”

Jose L. Garcia
The Commerce Casino