Pulpstream Introduces Tutorials, Calls Experience 'The Purple Express'

Pulpstream, the most efficient cloud-based platform for digitizing and streamlining ops processes, announced that organizations can now leverage guided tutorials to self-deploy solutions. The new guided learning experience released in February 2018 is called The Purple Express.

“The Purple Express learning experience is a powerful digital transformation tool that will help enterprises re-engineer software solutions in a more efficient way,” said Pankaj Malviya, Founder and CEO of Pulpstream. “Effective strategies for executing digital business process automation are top of mind for CTOs. Our mission at Pulpstream is to help enterprises unleash their workforces from inefficient technologies that impact the bottom line. Today, we are proud to say that we are one step closer to that goal.”

The Pulpstream team leveraged knowledge obtained during decades of designing and deploying enterprise applications for multinational corporations to shape The Purple Express experience. It guides learners through the most efficient series of actions required to deploy digital business process management solutions that create measurable business value. Using the metaphor of a high speed rail line, The Purple Express virtually takes people on Learning Lines to Skill Stations, where they obtain the skills they need to build powerful, use-case-focused applications.

The Purple Express is part of a company-wide endeavor to reshape its customer startup experience. The guided lessons in The Purple Express expose learners to core functionality required to deploy solutions on a low-code application development platform. This knowledge can also be leveraged to customize solutions when new business needs arise.

“We designed the experience to help our partners rapidly develop enterprise applications without calling IT,” said Vanessa Castaneda, Digital Marketing Manager. “If your company is in the final stages of evaluating software vendors to digitize business process management and you’ve taken a free trial of Pulpstream, we know time is of the essence. The Purple Express is going to get you where you need to go at high speed.”

The new on-demand learning experience brings future partners closer to realizing the goal of digitizing and automating business processes, without allocating a plethora of resources. It introduces people to the power of the Pulpstream low-code application development platform. It also extends the options currently provided to Pulpstream customers, helping them build the environment that best suits their workforce, regulatory, and security needs.

Pulpstream will be releasing additional Learning Lines in 2018.

Start Learning! Hop on The Purple Express.

About Pulpstream:

Pulpstream is the most efficient cloud-based platform for digitizing and streamlining ops processes. Empower your enterprise with custom, digital workflow solutions—in weeks. Visually model and publish digital process automations for any business process. Seamlessly connect with existing systems and evolve with emerging technologies for generations.

CIO Review Names Pulpstream 2017 Top Workflow Solution Provider

Pulpstream announced it was recognized by CIO Applications Magazine as one of the Top 25 Workflow Solution Providers of 2017.

“We are honored to receive this award,” said CEO Pankaj Malviya. “This has been a great year for us; and we look forward to empowering more businesses to optimize their operations with minimal assistance from IT.”

Pulpstream is a low-code application development platform that optimizes business process management for distributed workforces with powerful web and native mobile solutions. Fully-integrable with any enterprise system, Pulpstream’s low-code platform evolves to adapt to changes in workforce, policy, and technology. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, California.

CIO Review: 'Pulpstream Delivers Unprecedented Efficiencies'

Acknowledging that every organization has a gamut of processes that require separate risk management protocols, Pulpstream built a platform that evolves at the pace of your imagination. Business processes, said Pankaj Malviya, Founder and CEO of Pulpstream, are the crux of all their solutions.

“True innovation can’t happen in a cocoon,” Malviya remarks. “With Pulpstream, enterprises easily digitize risk data to develop actionable intelligence and unlock unprecedented efficiencies.”

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