Custom Incident Process Management Applications
For Desktop and Mobile Devices

Throw away disconnected systems. Capture 360° of information about every incident with Pulpstream. Our web and mobile apps transform the human journey through environment, health, or safety incident processes. From the field to the C Suite, Pulpstream delivers unprecedented efficiencies.

Delivering Efficiencies Across Industries

Streamline In Record Time

The Pulpstream incident management solution takes your business to the next level. We’ll help you reduce barriers to report creation, while gaining qualitative data for investigations. The most popular features in our incident management solution are:

digital incident forms


Report Incidents On Mobile or Web

Align employee engagement across business units with web and mobile incident process management apps. Easily create incident reports on a cell phone, even in offline environments. Reduce the cost of paper and record storage across the enterprise. Control the process from observation to corrective action completion in Pulpstream.

Easily Manage Incident Documents During Investigations

Digitize incident report documents to standardize the information that is gathered at a scene. Log near miss, incident only, property damage, or any recordable incident in Pulpstream. Organize the digital documents in your cloud. Find anything with a search.

enjoy Single Sign On

No need to remember another account ID and password! Use existing employee accounts to login to Pulpstream. Control access to sensitive data. Set user permissions by role and location.

Get Signed Statements from Supervisors, Employees, and Witnesses

Gather evidence from supervisors and employees. Capture email signatures with DocuSign or AdobeSign to create legally-binding documentation

Attach Photos, Videos, and Sketches

Increase accuracy of evidence collection with mobile app features. Take photos or videos of a scene. Attach them to incident reports. Sketch damage indicators on a photo. Decrease the chances of misinterpretation. Just remembered you had another photo? Email it to the record to attach it to the report.

Let Unauthenticated Users Report Incidents on your Website

Let all employees report incidents without requiring them to login. Allow third parties to complete statements and submit documents too. Send them a link to an online form, so they can complete the task.

task and communication automations  

Manage all aspects of an incident in a single view

Send emails or add notes in the incident folder.

Track status

See the status of automatically triggered workflow tasks. Send reminders. Escalate automatically based on conditions.


Track Documents

Manage all communications related to an incident. See all supporting documents organized in folders tied to that incident.

Track Employee workstatus

Ensure accurate OSHA report generation by tracking Days Away, Restrictions, and Accommodations inside the incident report.


Generate documents

Want to phone in the claim information to the TPA, or send it through email? Generate picture perfect documents to report claims to the insurance company.

Customize Your Digital Work Streams

Every form, user task, rule, and component is customizable. Tailor your Pulpstream build to suit your company’s incident management policies. No coding required. Drag and drop components into your Work Stream™.

Incident Management Stream Desktop .png

Trigger Corrective Actions

Make workplaces safer with corrective action triggers. Create rules to automatically assign corrective action tasks to employees after an incident. See recently completed actions and tasks that are due across all locations. Engage employees in corrective action with emails, texts, or in-Pulpstream tasks. Restore operations to full potential in record time.

Automate Reminders and Escalations

Spare yourself the headache of sending reminder emails. Pulpstream can automatically send reminder emails or texts to engage employees. Regularly escalate something to a supervisor based on your process management policies for review and approval. Increase productivity rates across multiple locations.   

Integrate With other Data Systems

Merge business record management systems without help from IT. Create automations to save time and effort. Auto update records in other systems based on your rules. Or pull info into Pulpstream Smart Objects. Unify all records of incidents, inspections, and claims to deliver new efficiencies!

Oversee Employment Events such as Job Restrictions or Transfers

Know who is allowed to work where at a glance. Digital process automations help you manage employee events such as job restrictions and job transfers. See who is assigned to what location, and whether they have the training to do the job safely on your dashboard.

Report creation

osha report automation pulpstream.png

Automate Annual OSHA 300, 300A, 301 Report Generation

Automatically create electronic reports to comply with the law. Easily generate any type of compliance report in a digital file. Tap a button to approve it for electronic submission, and send it directly to the agency. Tell us what type of report you need. We’ll help you streamline the compliance process.

Track Incident Trends by Location, Time, Type, or Cause

Use incident trend data to learn how to prevent incidents and injuries. Create custom reports with filters for location, injury type, or top 5 causes this year. Compare incident trends year over year to monitor progress. Increase transparency across locations. Produce custom reports to comply with any information request. Easily follow the data trails during audits.


Seamlessly monitor and track incidents from report creation to resolution.
Streamline operations in record time with Pulpstream web and mobile apps.

 How, you ask?