Risk Management Advisors Inc. Streamlines Insurance Policy & Claims Management

Use Cases:

• Policy generation and management
• Claims and correspondence management

The Results:

• Halved time to issue insurance policies  
• Centralized digital policy and claims documents in a searchable cloud
• Increased transparency of ownership and edits

Issuing insurance policies is a mission-critical task for captive insurance firms. When each client could have hundreds of insurance policies, the time it takes to issue each one adds up. In 2017, Risk Management Advisors partnered with Pulpstream to create new efficiencies that vitalized its captive insurance business.

The Partners:

Risk Management Advisors (RMA) is a national firm that specializes in the design, implementation, and management of captive insurance companies and self-insured plans. Based in Long Beach, California, RMA provides a comprehensive approach to managing risk and insurance programs for clients.

Pulpstream is a software platform that converts paperwork into digital process management solutions for enterprises. The low-code platform introduces efficiencies at scale, automating away the tedium and dissolving data silos to achieve operational excellence.

Before: Administering Insurance Policies Was Time Intensive

Before using Pulpstream to generate insurance policies, Sabrina Straley, Client Service Director for Risk Management Advisors, used a variety of tools. She used Excel spreadsheets to store premium and limit data, and Word to create insurance policy documents. Every new policy started a process that went from her desk to the accounting department and back to her. Depending on the client, this process could occur for one or hundreds of policies. The policies were stored in folders on an internal network that grew in size with each client. It took precious time to locate information, identify where it was in the process, and discern who needed to do what next.

After: Digitized Documentation In One Cloud Streamlined Operations

RMA collaborated with Pulpstream to digitize all policy documents and records, making the policy issuance process much easier and faster.

“It cut the time to do things in half, and now more than one person can work on something at the same time,” Straley said.  

When a policy needs to be created, Straley logs into Pulpstream and chooses the appropriate document from a digital catalog of bespoke policy templates. Upon creation, it becomes a record in a digital process automation that guides the document from stakeholder to stakeholder. It creates tasks and notifies the person involved. When they log in, they see tasks to complete on their customized home screen. Whether that’s obtaining a signature, or cross-referencing new policy data with old policy data, Pulpstream helps RMA employees get more done faster. Pulpstream stores all the records about all clients, their insureds, and their claims in one cloud. When a claim is filed or a policy is updated, the updates are time stamped and attached to the right policy.

Pulpstream Increases Transparency and Accountability

“It keeps everyone organized and accountable because you can see who has done what. If someone has initiated a claim or put a policy in the system, instead of asking around the office, I can log in to Pulpstream and look at the record,” Straley said.

RMA chose Pulpstream over other systems, because of its rich experience creating process management solutions for captive insurance consultancies. The low-coding feature of the platform was also a major factor. When a policy, business requirement, or employee changes, Straley can open her Work Stream Designer™ to redefine how the business process flows—without writing a line of code. She can simply drag a new component into the work stream to update the process.

“Not everything is set in stone; it’s easy to customize it to suit your needs. Compared to a lot of other CRM systems, it was really easy to use right off the bat,” Straley said.  

Her favorite feature is the search bar. RMA employees can search for a client keyword to locate specific information. Whether they are searching for a policy or a claim, the digital documents stored in their Pulpstream cloud are available any time, anywhere.

Self-Service Client Portal Connects Claims to Policies  

Pulpstream also built RMA a self-service portal that its clients can use to file a claim outside of business hours. They can login to Pulpstream on the web to initiate a claim, send correspondence to RMA, or add claim expenses to an existing record. RMA administrators can view the incoming claims, reply to their clients, and track the claim history from their Pulpstream dashboard. Additionally, they can issue payments and adjudicate the claims from the same screen, creating unprecedented efficiencies for everyone involved in the process. When the processes have arrived at the ideal outcome for all parties, RMA can use the digital records to produce loss reports and provide actionable insights to its clients.

Its digital insurance policy generation and claims process management solutions created new agility and transparency for both RMA and its clients. If market conditions, personnel, or regulations change, RMA’s technology core is poised to deliver exceptional service at digital speed.

To learn more about Pulpstream’s captive insurance and claims management solutions, contact us for a consultation.  

Santa Clara County Reduces Carbon Footprint With Digital Incident Process Management


Executive Summary:

The County of Santa Clara’s Parks and Recreation Department streamlined incident process management by partnering with Pulpstream. Park Rangers use the Pulpstream app on their phones to log work activities and file incident reports from the field. The digital incident report triggers custom automations based on the type of incident, guiding the process to completion in a timely fashion. Pulpstream solutions bolster The Santa Clara County’s Parks and Recreation Department’s mission to be more sustainable and efficient.


• Paperwork deleted from processes
• Organization’s carbon footprint reduced
• Rangers free to file digital documents in the field on cell phones
• Court documents are auto generated

Use Cases:

• Park Ranger Activity Logging
• Incident Process Management

The Customer

The County of Santa Clara is located at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay Area. The area’s abundant natural beauty led to the formation of one of the largest regional park systems in California. The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department manages 27 parks that contain more than 52,000 acres of land. The parks include recreational opportunities like scenic lakes, historic views, and hiking trails that renew the human spirit.

The Product

Pulpstream is a software platform that streamlines process management across business units. The platform converts paperwork into digital process management solutions, available on web and mobile. Pulpstream solutions introduce efficiencies that drive growth at enterprise scale. They automate away tedium and dissolve data silos to achieve operational excellence. Customers can easily update solutions when policies, technologies, or workforces change. No coding required.

The Challenge: Preserving Natural Resources While Complying with Reporting Requirements

Park Rangers are active conservators of the natural resources in Santa Clara County. They valiantly hike trails, boat through lakes, and patrol parking lots to make sure that outdoorsy experiences are available for generations. Major activities in the field must be recorded with details, such a start time, a stop time, and a description. If there is an incident, such as a parking lot accident, a boat collision, or a missing person in the park, they file an incident report. This report starts a process of reviews and approvals that goes up and down the supervisor chain until it is resolved. Doing all this on paper was not in sync with the County of Santa Clara’s Sustainability Master Plan. County officials partnered with Pulpstream to optimize the situation.

The Inefficiency: Paperwork Processes For Park Rangers

Before using Pulpstream, Rangers wrote reports on paper in the field, then travelled back to an office to enter the info into a database. Filing an incident report would start a multi-level supervisor review process, which was thoroughly documented to comply with government policies. Any documents that needed to be filed with the court system were manually organized and printed. The amount of paper being used created financial and environmental costs. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, a supervisor sought a technology solution to make the process more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Pulpstream’s mobile app solution caught their eye. Pulpstream offered the opportunity to digitize the paperwork and complete it on mobile devices, while unifying all records in the cloud.  

Implementation Requirements

Santa Clara County needed a digital process management solution that fit into the workflows that were already familiar to Park Rangers. It needed software that integrated with existing, proprietary web portals and data management systems. Furthermore, it needed to make incident reports easier to file and manage for a workforce that roams through regions without cell service or internet.

Technical Requirements Included: DocuSign, custom incident and activity forms, photo capturing, photo sketching, single sign on, GPS, supervisor review process automations, report generation, and integration with proprietary web portals and data management systems.

In three months, Pulpstream’s solution engineers launched a custom digital process management solution. It lets employees across the organization complete works tasks on any device, any time, anywhere.

The Pulpstream Solution

Park Rangers can create an incident report on their cell phone, even if it is offline. They capture photos of evidence at the scene and attach them to the report without breaking their workflow. They can also sketch helpful info on the photos. For example, if two speed boats collided, the ranger could draw arrows on the photo to show the direction that the boats were traveling.

As soon as an incident report is filed, Pulpstream auto sends the report to a supervisor for review. The supervisor sees the task appear on their dashboard. Whether they approve it, reject it, or ask the ranger for more information, the entire incident management process automatically flows through Pulpstream until resolution. Custom rules on the back end determine who is assigned which task, and its due date. Every touch point creates a digital record.

Administrators use these to generate reports for government and law enforcement officials. A digital report can instantly go all the way up the chain of command. But no one needs to remember another password. They simply use their county system login to access Pulpstream, whether that’s on a desktop or mobile device.  


Digitizing activity logs and incident management created unprecedented efficiencies for The Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department. All the Park Rangers use Pulpstream on their phones, which saves trees and centralizes all data in the cloud. Reports no longer need to be printed on paper or organized manually. Process automations guide each incident to the ideal outcome, with digital records that keep everyone accountable.    

To learn how digital process automations could make your business more efficient, contact us for a consultation.

Leave of Absence Process Automations Liberate HR Administrators


Results Summary

Digital process automations save Human Resources staff 2-3 hours a day. Task reminders, mandatory communications, and return-to-work reminders are auto sent.

The Situation

Whether it is mandatory or voluntary, when an employee takes a leave of absence, it starts a paperwork process for the Human Resources Department. Each part of the process has a deadline for employees and human resources staff. Tasks are created to comply with state and federal laws about job-protected leave categories. Letters about the type of leave must be sent within a certain timeframe. Employee profiles must be considered. Staff collaborate to address each case. Labor costs add up

About Commerce Casino

Commerce Casino employs more than 2,600 employees to create thrilling experiences for about 10,000 daily visitors. The privately-owned company is LA’s number one destination for games of skill. Employees are on the clock 24/7. Its Human Resources Department has been using Pulpstream to manage its workers’ compensation claims and inspections processes since 2017. In 2018, it added a Leave of Absence Process Management Solution to its digital infrastructure.

About Pulpstream

Pulpstream helps enterprises digitize, deploy, and automate business processes. Its customizable solutions help business units collaborate more efficiently.


Before adding the Leave of Absence Process (LOA) Management Solution, Commerce Casino’s HR staff engaged in tediously manual tasks. This included sending email notifications, generating letters, and identifying how many LOA cases were assigned to each HR coordinator.


The Pulpstream LOA process management solution saves the team two to three hours per day with automations for all those tasks. Pulpstream reminds HR coordinators to complete tasks when things don’t happen. If an employee needs to submit a medical certificate, Pulpstream reminds them. If an employee doesn’t come back from a leave of absence, the system updates their profile, and the HR coordinator is notified that they need to follow up with the employee to see why.

“The best part is that we have a system where I can look at everything immediately,” said Anna Shakaryan, PHR, HR Manager, WC/Leave of Absence Administration at Commerce Casino.

Supervisors collaborate with managers and HR coordinators to guide the process to the desired outcome in less time. “We used to get a list of people who didn’t return from leave of absence that we had to divide, and that’s now organized for the case owner,” Shakaryan said. With Pulpstream, leaves of absence are processed efficiently and collaboration is a breeze. Having a platform to manage multiple business processes has dissolved data silos for Commerce Casino, ensuring that the company can make well-informed, staffing decisions.

Branch Group Digitizes Inspections, Reduces Nationwide Operating Costs

Work Stream: Site Inspections
ROI: 425%
• Shaved 20 min off each inspection
• Saves ~10,000 sheets of paper a year
• Increased accountability and transparency


“We used to have to fill out four forms per inspection, so each stakeholder received a copy. If you stacked all the pieces of paper we used each year on top of each other, you had an enormous stack that was almost as tall as me.”

– Danny Minnix, Director of Safety & Risk for The Branch Group.

The Challenge: Higher Quality Safety Inspections at Lower Cost

Roanoke, Virginia—When it comes to construction, The Branch Group, Inc. is ubiquitous throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southern states. Together with its subsidiaries, the company provides a wide range of pre-construction and construction services to public and private sector clients in healthcare, industrial products, R&D, and manufacturing. The four companies operating under the umbrella of The Branch Group annually generate more than $350 million in revenue and employ about 1,000 employees. After partnering with Pulpstream, it substantially reduced annual safety inspection costs, and made work environments safer for employees and customers.

The Branch Group’s management team understands the value of a strong risk management program, from a financial and moral standpoint. The Branch Group is motivated to provide employees with a work environment that is safe, so employees stay healthy. As an employee-owned company, everyone on the team knows that a dollar spent to manage a loss is a dollar that does not go into their retirement plans or pensions. As a result, the company’s safety department takes the processes associated with managing safety seriously. In 2014 alone, it conducted more than 2,100 safety inspections.

The Branch Group partnered with Pulpstream to address a series of issues it was facing in its safety inspection process. The company used to use four sheets of paper to complete an inspection. When an inspection was done, one copy of the form was left at the project site, and the others were sent to stakeholders across the US.

To ensure everyone was informed, the safety inspector would scan the documents and email them to the corporate office, the safety department, and the CEO. After the forms had been received, another employee would manually enter the data into a database to record the process. There was tremendous opportunity for improvement in the record management department. The process would take weeks. This led to incidents going unresolved, because so much time had elapsed since the original inspection had been done.

Branch Group Seeks Greater Efficiency

Out of the three vendors The Branch Group evaluated to digitize its safety inspection and auditing processes, the company found Pulpstream to be the best. The Branch Group needed a solution that easily created a final report that resembled its original four-part form. It also wanted a user interface that was easy to navigate and customize. Minnix said Pulpstream was the only vendor that could make this transition seamless.

The Pulpstream implementation resulted in remarkably quick results. The new, modernized work Stream™ eliminated a minimum of 20 minutes per inspection. This time added up to about six months of work. By digitizing the processes, the safety department now saves thousands of staff hours a year.

New Dashboard Delivers Nationwide Data, Transparency, and Accountability

Minnix said when the team was using paper-based process, it was hard to get intelligence from the hundreds of monthly inspections. Tabulating data and slicing it by project, company, and time period was painful and time consuming. In Pulpstream this intelligence is available within a few clicks of the mouse.


The Data Insights dashboard automatically aggregates and consolidates all inspection report data from all The Branch Group locations, providing valuable intel that can be scrutinized at the macro or micro level.

The company’s entire safety department embraced the digital transformation. They now use cell phones to create reports and process their work Streams™. Pulpstream simplified life for inspectors and eliminated the need for storing all that paper. The Branch Group’s executive team also responded favorably to having deeper insight into the safety levels of their operations. With Pulpstream, the company created greater transparency and more employee satisfaction, within a safer, more modern work environment.

Central Garden & Pet Company Unlocks Predictive Analytics


ROI Summary:

• Multiple forms merged into one work Stream™
• Easy electronic OSHA 300 report filing
• Increased report accuracy

“Folks weren’t intimidated by using it, because it’s nimble. We used to only get information when people were injured on the job. Now we’re getting information about near misses.” – Robin Coyne, Director of Health, Safety & Environment at Central Garden & Pet, describing data she obtains to calibrate the company’s nationwide health and safety programs.

Walnut Creek, California—As one of America’s leading manufacturing and distribution companies, Central Garden & Pet conducts commerce with major retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart. The company has more than 50 locations in the US, as well as contracts with pet and garden supply companies in the United Kingdom. With a staff of 5, Robin Coyne, Director of Health, Safety, & Environment, oversees incident investigation and safety training programs for about 5,000 employees.

Challenge: Legally-required paperwork

The company’s manufacturing & distribution centers are industrial spaces where employees could get injured while handling products. Before employees can perform their job, they must take safety training, so everyone knows whether hearing protection, eye protection, or any other special precautions should be taken. But, no matter how much training someone has, accidents can occur. These incidents used to trigger a lengthy paperwork process, shaped by legal requirements. Each document is critical to the health of the company.

The Health and Safety Team used to collect information during incident investigations with paper and pencil. The process was labor intensive and involved multiple stakeholders. Every incident required input from employees, supervisors, and witnesses who were rarely in the same room. Injured employees could have gone home, or to the hospital, while supervisors were overseeing a cleanup process and their daily activities. It took time to track down who was where to get them to complete their account of what transpired. Complicating the matter, everyone’s verbal communication styles and penmanship skills varied. Interpreting handwriting in the reports was laborious, which led to tasks falling through the cracks. The time required to complete the process was cumbersome, inspiring employees to seek technology to modernize this business process.

Central Garden & Pet digitized to mobilize

Pulpstream accepted the challenge and digitized the company’s health and safety processes into create a cohesive, digital work Stream™. Mirroring the old paper report style and process flow, Pulpstream evolved these complex processes in a matter of days. The forms felt familiar to employees; and having them available on their cell phones felt as intuitive as updating a Facebook page. Whether the employee preferred to use an iOS, Android, or Microsoft Surface device, the work Stream™ is accessible within a native app. Having the processes in a native app increases report accuracy. For example, instead of using words to describe what happened, employees can take photographs and attach them to the report, without switching between apps. Typing on a digital form eliminates the need to decipher handwritten descriptions of audited areas. Employees can focus on creating accurate, detailed reports—even if their device has no signal or wifi. If an employee is off-site, supervisors can notify them via text that they need to complete a report. Digital signature integrations ensure that all reports are legally sound.

Analytics dashboard increases nationwide data transparency

The Data Insights dashboard is accessible from a desktop web browser, enabling executives to review data about work environments at a glance. They can see extensive trend report data, sliced by time, location, or type. If they need to update a process to remain compliant with OSHA mandates, they can easily customize their work Streams™ within a matter of minutes. Managing corrective actions is as easy as sending a text message. Complying with new laws to electronically file reports is as easy as clicking a button.

As a bonus, Central Garden & Pet employees found the Pulpstream app so easy to use that they immediately create reports about incidents—before anyone has time to change their story. The company now has reports about “near misses,” which can be used to improve safety training programs. From incident reports to safety-training programs, the company modernized their legacy business processes with Pulpstream, bringing unprecedented efficiencies to their enterprise.

$2B Consultancy Streamlines Process Management in Record Time

New Work Streams™

• Risk assessments
• Field activity reporting
• Vendor invoicing
• Satisfaction surveys
• Contract creation


• Eliminated data entry redundancies
• Reduced service delivery time
• Freedom to work on tablets
• Real-time data reporting
• Operational resilience to change

When your group captive clients generate more than $2 billion in annual insurance premiums, modernizing your mission-critical software traditionally takes years. Captive Resources, LLC, partnered with Pulpstream to do it in 4 months.

Captive Resources is an independent consulting company that provides risk management, claims advocacy, and other services to group captive insurance companies. Based in Schaumburg, Illinois, its business processes are complex and unique to each client.

Dave Netti is Senior Vice President of Risk Control for Captive Resources. In 2015, a series of unfortunately-timed system failures inspired him and a team of four to modernize the company’s business process management software.

“When you have approximately 400 independent field consultants reliant on the system for their paycheck, failures and outages are highly impactful,” Netti said.

The Challenge: System Modernization

Multiple requirements needed to be fulfilled during the vendor exploration process. The software needed to accommodate more than 3,500 users and scale rapidly. It needed to be intuitive enough for people of all cultural identities to use, from tech-savvy millennials to baby boomers. Platform stability and security were critical to maintain client and customer confidentiality. Of utmost importance, the system needed to be customizable.

“When we were exploring vendors, customization was critical. Eighty percent of solution providers were eliminated after the first phone call,” Netti said. Communicating with other systems to perform mission-critical functions such as data analysis was a vital requirement, because a major goal was to eliminate data entry redundancies throughout the company.

Before Pulpstream, field consultants used multiple systems to complete business processes. Some used paper and Excel spreadsheets to capture information during surveys and risk assessments. Others used an old software system. Inevitably, many hours were spent entering data into the main system. The process was costly and time consuming, impacting service delivery time and the bottom line.

Results: Intuitive User Experience Mobilizes Team

Today, Captive Resources and the hundreds of independent consultants it oversees enjoy dramatically streamlined business processes. Surveys and risk assessments are completed on tablets. The Pulpstream native application automatically pushes data from mobile devices to custom web dashboards, showcasing real-time information to stakeholders.

From contract management to expense reimbursement, customized dashboards guide consultants through the most efficient sequence of tasks on whatever device they prefer. Consultants are even able to work offline.

“We found that the independent field consultants complete one to three assessments on their desktop computers, get comfortable with the software, then transition to tablets,” Netti said. “After they do one on the tablet, they never go back to desktop. The efficiency and ease of use saves them a lot of time.”

Code-Free Deployment Experience

From concept to launch, it took about four months to transition the company from its legacy software system to Pulpstream. Netti and the team simply handed forms to Pulpstream’s support team, who took the baton from there. New streamlined experiences empower colleagues to follow best practices, which reduces the chance of human error. Tailored reports give Netti and the team a 360° view of the enterprise. Without writing a line of code, Captive Resources can update consultant experiences to bolster new risk management strategies or adapt with marketplace demands.

Interstate Batteries Makes 76 Locations Safer in 4 Months


Launch proactive environmental, health & safety program at owned and franchised locations.


Corrective action completion rates rise at 76 locations. Workplaces made safer.

Optimized Work Streams™

• Safety audits
• Corrective actions
• Inspections
• PPE hazard assessments
• KPI report generation
• Electronic OSHA report submission

Dallas, Texas ― Aligning parties across state lines is a challenge that often takes billion-dollar companies 6-12 months. Within 4 months, Interstate Batteries aligned employees at 76 locations by powering its new Safety Champion program with Pulpstream.

“Prior to developing this application, we saw different levels of implementation and efficacy,“ said Matt Stringer, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety at Interstate Batteries.

“Now, we have an army of Safety Champions at the company who have the knowledge and the tools to go find things that can get people hurt.

Even though they’re all over the country or out of the country, they’re all having a shared experience through the app. It’s amazing; and Pulpstream is a huge part of that.”

New EHS program aligns business across borders

Stringer created the Safety Champion program to empower employees, who aren’t managers, to make workplaces safer. Participants are dubbed Safety Champions and given a personalized version of the application.

App in hand, they conduct environment, health, and safety hazard assessments at regular intervals to ensure that work spaces are safe for employees, and compliant with corporate and government regulations. Best practices are built into the app. Notably, the digital forms and photographic evidence requirements change from week to week to support the company’s risk management strategies.

Because the company’s lines of business are so diverse, it was a challenge to roll out an environment, health, and safety (EHS) system that would work effectively at every location. “The biggest challenge was trying to get everyone on the same page,” Stringer said.

Interstate Batteries has about 500 wholesale distributors and warehouses throughout North and South America. It also conducts business in Australia and is expanding into China. It distributes to more than 200,000 auto repair shops, vehicle service chains, and retail stores, which provide consumers with every type of battery on the market.

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1952, Interstate Batteries is the number one recycler of lead acid batteries in the world, recycling about 26 million batteries per year. The privately-held company annually earns $1.5 billion in revenue and employs more than 1,500 people. It is these employees it seeks to protect with the Safety Champion program.

While employees in the distribution centers are at work, they navigate forklift traffic, hazardous chemicals, and shelves that contain batteries of all sizes, from AAA’s to large car batteries. Keeping these work areas safe, so employees can stay healthy, is of utmost importance. With Pulpstream, the company proactively prevents injuries with safety assessments, audits, and training.

Why Interstate Batteries chose to partner with Pulpstream

Mr. Stringer was introduced to the Pulpstream platform when he worked at Central Garden & Pet, a publicly-traded company with a $1.6 billion market cap. Central Garden & Pet used Pulpstream to optimize its EHS program with such great success that when Stringer transitioned to a new role at Interstate Batteries, he recommended Pulpstream to his new executive team. Interstate Batteries employees now use mobile devices to complete EHS processes at 76 locations, even in areas where there is no cell service.

“We’ve seen massive improvements in our compliance rates, month-to-month.” Stringer said. “Without Pulpstream, the Safety Champion Program would not be functional at all. Tracking improvements and corrective actions would be a nightmare.”

Prior to using Pulpstream, the company managed these business processes with pen and paper. Today Stringer and his team at HQ track corrective actions and other KPI trends across all distribution centers, warehouses, and franchises through a web-based interface. If needed, corrective actions can be assigned and tracked on a mobile app or through a web interface.

Platform flexibility enables operational excellence

Any incident can be dynamically-managed with the elements in the work Streams™ that are in the company’s version of Pulpstream. (A Pulpstreamed business process is called a work Stream.™) Interstate Batteries’ work Streams™ comply with corporate policies, as well as state, county, federal and international government regulations. If requirements change, or a new location starts participating in the program, Cooper Ratliff, Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist, flies into town.

Mr. Ratliff is the Pulpstream expert for the company. While he is not a classically-trained software engineer, he can change any part of any work Stream™ with the Pulpstream visual Stream Designer™. His knowledge of occupational health and safety best practices, and dedication to the company’s mission of conscious capitalism, empower him to create the right business processes for the enterprise.

Without writing a line of code, he builds personalized work Streams™ for a location, based on local conditions, policies, and government regulations. At the time of this interview, he was preparing to fly to a distribution center in Iowa to create a new EHS work Stream.™

“I can make the changes we need to make in real time when I get there, instead of going into a spreadsheet, typing it in, and then sending that back to headquarters,” Ratliff said. “Being able to show the guys what I’ve made for them and giving them something they can utilize when I leave is awesome.”

“That’s something that we weren’t able to do in the past,” Stringer said. “That same day, the checklist for the distributor audit can be in the system based on what he observes out there. So by the time we’re done, they’ve got an audit specific to that location. If we had to write it all down and create it later, things would get lost.”

With Pulpstream, every piece of data entered into the app is centralized in the cloud, enabling everyone on the team to access real-time information from any device, anywhere in the world.

At HQ, Stringer monitors Safety Champion performance across all participating locations on a personalized analytics dashboard. He can zoom in to see photos attached to a safety inspection or zoom out to see macro trends across a continent. And when things change, Cooper can update the work Streams™ without writing a line of code.

No matter what future business strategy Interstate Batteries chooses to implement, Pulpstream’s fluid work Streams™ enable the company to rapidly evolve its business process management.

Oasis Outsourcing Streamlines Risk Management


Streamlined Processes:

• Field Safety Inspections
• Risk Scoring
• Client Communications


• Automated Risk Alerts
• $65,000 in First 9 Months
• Digital Inspection App
• Consistent Client Communications

Oasis Outsourcing is one of the nation’s largest Professional Employer Organizations. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida since 1996, Oasis Outsourcing provides human resources administration, risk management oversight, workers’ compensation services and more. Its human-resources products and services empower SMBs to compete with Fortune 500 companies.

Senior Director of Risk Mark Rodefeld oversees a safety team, with territories in all 50 states, that conducts about 700 inspections year. Prior to partnering with Pulpstream, the team conducted worksite inspections with paper and pencil in a variety of environments. Every inspection is different based on client policies and risk appetites. After an inspection, the team member would relocate to a hotel room, where they opened a laptop to transfer handwritten observation notes to client relationship management software.

They manually graded each observation to create a risk score for the location, which is sent to Rodefeld. They hand-typed follow-up communications to clients that contain acknowledgements and recommendations. It used to take 2-3 weeks to complete this process. These days, the knowledge transfers happen at digital speed. Oasis Outsourcing partnered with Pulpstream to digitize worksite evaluations and automate the associated clerical and risk score reporting tasks.

When a safety team member flies to a location to inspect it, they conduct the inspection on a mobile device, even if that device has no cell service or internet access. They use digital forms that are relevant to the client’s industry, while in Offline Mode. They can choose from healthcare forms, general industry forms, construction forms, and other custom digital forms created from client requirements.

The need to organize paper, transcribe potentially illegible notes, and write follow-up communications is a thing of the past. The chance of forgetting to follow up with a client was deleted.

“When the safety folks submit a report by clicking that magic button, the system automatically sends an email to the client saying thank you; and here are our recommendations,” Rodefeld said. “Automating these follow up messages ensures consistency in our client communications. We know they are typo-free and consistent with the brand experience we want to create, because they have all been reviewed and approved by our corporate team.”

Custom logic in the digital process automations instantly triggers risk alerts to senior management if a location has a high risk score. Faster knowledge transfers empower Oasis Outsourcing to identify, mitigate, and resolve risky situations faster. The partnership saved Oasis Outsourcing about $65,000 in the first 9 months on administrative labor hours. But it’s not simply about the financial savings, said Rodefeld.

“The intangible savings is the client satisfaction. Clients have commented about how fast we are responding to their needs. Now that we have these digital automations, our safety folks can focus on spending more time doing client-facing activities.”

Commerce Casino Simplifies Claims Milestone Tracking


Digitized Business Processes:
• Workers’ Compensation Claims
• Inspections


• Milestone Tracking Simplified
• Department Silos Dissolved
• Visibility Into Root Causes

The Challenge: Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Overseeing workers’ compensation claims at a business that is open 24/7 is a complex endeavor. The Commerce Casino employs more than 2,600 employees to create thrilling experiences for about 10,000 daily visitors. The privately-owned company is LA’s number one destination for games of skill.

Commerce Casino employees specialize in creating unique experiences. With the excitement comes some risk. If an employee is injured on the job, a series of business tasks begins. The Human Resources department collaborates with the Safety & Risk department during this process to ensure employee well-being, as well as policy compliance.

Prior to using Pulpstream, filing and tracking workers’ compensation claims required a significant time investment. Information, such as incident reports, insurance policies, and workers’ compensation claims, was stored across a web of folders and servers. Identifying whether the employee had appropriate training that could have prevented the injury was also a challenge. As is the case at many enterprises, each department had its own storage space on the company network. Information silos formed.

This architecture made driving progress towards resolution a challenge. Employees were spending too much time on tedious tasks, which inspired frustration. Tracking milestones was a manual process, causing some employees to duplicate work. Company leaders sought technology to make claims lifecycle management a more efficient process.

The Solution: New Process Management Platform

Pulpstream web interface with social, in-feed collaboration tools. Data is illustrative, and not Commerce Casino Data.

Commerce Casino partnered with Pulpstream to create a custom solution that streamlines its business process management. Every touch point in all the processes is dynamic.

When a new claim is filed, information is sent to the company’s cloud, triggering a status update on all stakeholder screens. Task ownership, details, and attachments are visible to all collaborators. Milestone progress is visualized. If a business process is off track, or requires employee input, notifications can be sent to stakeholders to trigger engagement.

“The automatic notifications, real-time reporting, and visually-friendly organizing system that Pulpstream offers has helped us significantly cut down on tedious tasks, identify patterns, and deliver accurate information at all times,” said Jose L. Garcia, Executive Director of Human Resources at Commerce Casino.

Partnering with Pulpstream created visibility for Commerce Casino that arms its leadership team with knowledge. Digitizing the business process helps company leaders identify patterns in the data that can be used to prevent financial losses and worker injuries. Executives can create visuals with multiple data sets to unlock actionable insights.

Rummaging through multiple servers to find or update records is a fading memory. Records are unified on one screen, which can be accessed anywhere, on any device through the cloud. Commerce Casino employees are collaboratively driving progress towards the best outcomes at digital speed.

SSA Foods Increases Quality and Transparency


Digitized Business Processes:
• Worksite Evaluations
• Food Product Quality Management

• KPI Transparency
• Seamless USDA and OSHA Compliance
• Supply Cost Reduction

System Services of America Foods (SSA Foods) prides itself on using cutting-edge technology. The privately-held company is a foodservice distributor that provides products to the largest chain restaurants on the West Coast. It is a subsidiary of the Services Group of America (SGA), which exports to 28 countries, and Food Services of America, which is the 6th largest broadline distributor in the U.S.

SSA Foods’ Northern California Distribution Center makes 1,200-1,400 deliveries a week. Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, its business leads are exposed to the latest enterprise software tools. It partnered with Pulpstream on a digital transformation initiative with the goal of reaching high product and service quality performance goals.

“Pulpstream made us more consistent with our workflow processes. Using the platform, we now have insight into real-time performance data across our operations. We can measure KPIs without going through 40 pieces of paper per week.” – Bob Bradley, General Manager, SSA Foods.

Supervisors at the Northern California Division used to collect worksite evaluation information with pens and paper. It was a slow process. After collecting the information, they would give the inspection paperwork to someone who spent at least five hours a week typing data into a spreadsheet. When that was completed, the paper would be relocated to a storage area where it could be archived and referenced. These storage areas exist throughout the USA, because USDA and OSHA compliance creates stacks of paperwork for food services distributors.

Most of SSA’s distribution centers perform monthly worksite evaluations. The Northern California Distribution Center is the exception to that rule. Its General Manager Bob Bradley oversees a team of supervisors who conduct weekly worksite evaluations that keep branch performance high. As a result, Bradley’s distribution center is a top performer in the USA. He attributes this to his team’s ability to perform work with greater accuracy. The division has used Pulpstream since 2014 to guide employees through a workflow that follows best practices.

Supervisors walk through the distribution center, observing how employees pull products off of the shelves and place them onto the forklifts. Each customer’s order contains a shipment of all the things a large chain restaurant would use during daily operations, from meats to produce to equipment. The orders are very large. Workers need forklifts to move items from the shelf to an order palette. Food safety and government regulations influence the way orders are stacked and placed to ensure that food products remain sanitary and safe. Frozen and dry products have to be stacked in specific ways to make sure that they arrive in optimal condition. Cost per delivery is crucial.

“If a case of product is damaged, and it costs half a penny per case, at 1,400 cases a week that turns into a huge dollar amount,” Bradley explains.

Data Collection on Mobile Devices Creates New X-Factor

When Bradley met Pulpstream CEO Pankaj Malviya, he had an “aha” moment. Malviya demonstrated how to replace all the tasks his team did on paper with digital forms that streamed to his employee’s devices. Digitizing these data points empowered Bradley to more effectively measure and manage performance.

“With this kind of x-factor, it was kind of a no brainer,” Bradley said. “The ability to pull up the dashboard and see at anytime what kind of observations have been done, to see all the pictures that have been taken. Well, we didn’t have that before.”

Before the Pulpstream partnership, Bradley analyzed 30-50 pieces of paper to discern how well his branch was doing in the categories of performance, safety, sanitation, and quality. These days, his office is paperless.

Worksite Evaluations on Tablets Transforms Company Culture

The SSA Foods team uses tablets to capture information about critical performance control points. During observations, they capture photos, sketch on them, and attach those to reports. These native mobile features increased accuracy across the board. Pulpstream aggregates data from all team reports and pushes it into a real-time analytics dashboard. Bradley sees progress towards performance goals and can communicate guidance to his direct reports within the platform.

Quantitative data enables him to keep his team on track. Supervisors have clear expectations about what is expected of them, which creates a new level of transparency within the workplace. And within a few clicks, Bradley can generate OSHA and USDA reports that can be e-filed.

Now that all the paper is gone, SSA Foods no longer needs to pay someone to do data entry. The ability to use mobile devices to manage food safety and quality quality transformed the Northern California Division’s workplace culture. The data obtained during each touch point empowers Bradley to make informed decisions that improve performance, year-over-year.